SYRIA: Trump now has Paul Wolfowitz as a supporter…


Little by little the Syrian narrative is solidifying. It’s not so ambiguous; it’s not so much of a lie..the story writers, the narrators are gaining ground. Pretty soon they will have me believing the MSM version of events of the April 4th chemical gassing of civilians in Khan Sheikhun in Idlib province of Syria.

PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) President, Pedro Agramunt has got himself in some deep dod-doo. He made the mistake of visiting Syria to see for himself the state of affairs; and also a visit to St Petersburg. And that is a no-no, when you don’t tow the party line. Cries for his impeachment are heard, While Pedro, mea culpas his mistake as being mislead by the Russian media. He is sorry.

The narrative is Bashar al-Assad gassed his people; on the verge of a peace. That it…we know, and don’t have top tell you why we know. Assad having the upper hand on the battle against ISIS, Al Qaeda and various other head chopping groups, and near to the defeating of these terrorist organizations. A chemical gas attack happens in Khan Sheikhun, a rebel held area of Idlib province and the only information we get from the region is from the terrorists, Al Qaeda and their oscar winning White Helmets, the first responders; who are super-heroes impervious to [Sarin] gas, and can work with the victims in their street clothes and bare hands. Could this be proof that it was not a Sarin gas attack. Because the UN fact finding mission wears HazMat suits while taking their samples.

Do people realize the White Helmets got a prize for acting, an oscar for a fake documentary, and now we are to believe what they are saying has happened in Khan Sheikhun, to be the truth. This organization has daily YouTube videos going out over the Internet. Child snuff films, that are purported as victims of attacks. In fact that is why they are being financed by the United States and the UK governments who have financed this effort jointly with other nations to the tune of 110 million plus U.S. green backs.

Why has the allied countries continually blocked a OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) investigation into the town of Khan Sheikhun, and the Syrian airbase at Shayrat. and the only ones calling for a complete and swift investigation are the Russians and Syria.

Is this a false flag, is this a precurser to build up to an outright invasion of Syria; which is soon to come.

Paul Wolfowitz has declared his support of the manchurian Donald Trump; and I say manchurian because, this president is not the president that took office Jan 20th 2017. Granted he has changed some things, on climate waste, the TPP Act, immigration reform, vetting of refugees, but it seems he has abandoned his campaign promises now for his new found friends within government.

In a politico article, Paul Wolfowitz; 10th World Bank President, and United States Deputy Secretary of Defense states that Syria represents an “opportunity”, and if blown, a missed chance that equal a “lost of American influence”, and the win over “hostile actors”. Hostile actors is not definitive, is he talking about the terrorists, ISIS or Bashar al-Assad and his democratically elected government.

Wolfowitz has changed his position on Donald Trump, having called a Trump Presidency as…“Obama on steroids”.  Wolfowitz opposed Trump’s ‘America First” rhetoric, Trumps rejection of the Iraq war and his then praise of Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Wolfowitz should know about opportunities, after all Paul Wolfowitz, the architect of the Iraq invasion, the fourth horseman of the destruction of a nation and the thief of its oil, gas and resources, and the annihilation of a million Iraqis. The author of expansionism of the American hegemony, is giving our Donald the nod. Whispering in his ear. Is Wolfowitz hinting about another chance at invading a sovereign nation and stealing its oil, gas and resources. And in the end furthering the NeoCon wet-dream of globalism.

Wolfowitz the ardent NeoCon, ex-World Bank President, a hawk, a hardliner against Russia. Wolfowitz who is pro Saudi Arabia..

Is a new/old Wolfowitz Doctrine being expressed through the “New President” Donald Trump.

Wolfowitz likes opportunity and look for it like a predator. In the run up to the Iraq invasion he stated..

“9/11 really was a wake up call and that if we take proper advantage of this opportunity to prevent the future terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction that it will have been an extremely valuable wake up call,”

…and as we know there were no “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, none at all, and Iraq lies in ruins, with its population desperate, dying and amidst a ruin country that has been in war since that time…the leading military men of Sadam Hussein’s army became the heads and founders of ISIS. And were funded by the American government.

In regards to Syria, Wolfowitz states..

“If nothing is done to follow up on it, it will start to seem a little bit silly in retrospect; certainly the enthusiasm will seem silly. But more importantly it will look like a lost opportunity in retrospect.” – Susan Glasser, Politico

“I think there is a fantastic opportunity here. It’s only a first step, it’s only an opportunity,” -Susan Glasser,  Politico

“In recent days he‘s jumped right back into the public debate, nudging President Trump from the pages of the Wall Street Journal to follow up his bombing strike in neighboring Syria with more aggressive action—and, he tells me, privately emailing with Trump Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and national security advisor H.R. McMaster, both longtime contacts since his Bush days, in hopes they will pursue a U.S. strategy of stepped-up engagement in the Middle East.” – Susan Glasser, Politico

Wolfowitz is certainly looking for opportunities again, and clearly sees Syria as another chance to kill a country. Paul Wolfowitz is for American hegemony.

I understood that Trumps stand on Syria and Assad was to let the Syrian people decide about Assad, and then the airstrike on the Shayrat airbase without provoc20151006_134606ation and no proof of a chemical attack by the Assad government. Is it Rex Tillerson, General McMaster and General Mattis, and a whispering Wolfowitz, that are making the decisions on Syria. Spurred on by the war hawks.

Donald Trump has become a NeoCon, pro military, in a time of peace in America, with a faltering economy and never so many out of work in America and he is promising to rebuild the military, as if it is not big enough already. “ISIS has grown like a cancer..” he states but yet does nothing to prosecute the Americans that are funding it and Al Qaeda, nothing to stop the American NGO’s that are driving the war propaganda against Bashar al-Assad.

Every NeoCon that opposed Trump, is now standing with him, everybody is friends now, John McCain, Mitch McConnell and Senator Lindsey Graham who is ecstatic, he states, “I am like the happiest dude in America right now,” 

And why?…because its War, War War… And war is money in America. The economy of America was never so great as during the destruction of Iraq. And it’s the easy way to increase jobs, don’t ya know.

In the end, there is no health care bill; No wall; No Hillary Clinton in jail for her crimes; No foreign policy of non interference in the affairs of sovereign nations, as stated by Donald Trump in his election promise. No draining the swamp. No stopping the unfair and unjust sanctions on Russia because of the Crimea which is it’s property. But to add more to the people of Syria who are suffering through this war and anguish, more sanctions, more frozen assets. More taken away. More of the same old American bullshit.

Trump is a failure, he has become more of the same.

Syrian Sanctions: With no proof that Syria committed a war crime.

Sean Spicer in his address to the White House press corp today, was questioned on France and their election over the weekend, he stated ‘it’s up to the French to choose who they wish’, but minutes before Steven Mnuchin, United States Secretary of the Treasury took the podium and address the press corp audience that the United States of America under Donald Trump’s presidency was imposing sanction on 271 scientists in Syria. Employees of the SSRC, Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Center…

What happened to non-interference in others nations?

“In 2005, U.S. President George W. Bush issued Executive Order 13382: “Blocking Property of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators and their Supporters,” which placed the SSRC on the U.S. Treasury Department’s Specially Designated Nationals list and prohibited U.S. citizens and residents from doing business with the SSRC. [8] In 2007, the U.S. Treasury Department froze the assets of other SSRC subsidiaries, listing SSRC as the “Syrian government agency responsible for developing and producing non-conventional weapons and the missiles to deliver them.”[9] The suspicions mostly revolved around the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons and ballistic missiles.”

Without any proof or facts, without evidence, and the OPCW ( Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) dragging it’s feet. In an investigation of the Khan Sheikhun.

The Russian and Syrian governments are the only government calling for a full investigation of both the Syrian air base at Shayrat, and the town Khan Sheikhun, in Idlib province.

“While Russia and Syria have asked for OPCW inspections on the ground, Tahrir al-Sham, the renamed al-Qaeda in Syria which controls the area, has not asked for inspectors.”

I find that startling that the alleged in the accused war crime is asking for an investigation. But not the accusers.The Russians have asking, ever since the incident on April 4th and have asked numerous times, to no avail. The Russian government have urged for the need of the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) to be swift and thorough before contamination of the areas occur, and  wipes out any evidence; is this why the UN is dragging its feet? Is this why 271 scientists in Syria are sanctioned.

Federica Mogherini, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy called on Monday for full transparent investigation by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) into the alleged chemical weapon use in Idlib province on April 4.

“A full transparent investigation has to be done by OPCW, and full responsibility has to be guaranteed by the UN appropriate systems,” Mogherini told reporters after a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow. 

“The war in Syria is causing an extreme number of civilian causalities, but when it gets to the use of chemical weapons, chemical components during the war, then we are on a different stage of atrocities and we are at a level of what amounts to a war crime, if that is proven to be the case,” she noted. “This is why the European position on that is that a full transparent investigation has to be done by the OPCW and full accountability has to be guaranteed within the UN appropriate system.”

The EU joins with the Russians, which Is good, but  the incident happened 20 days and the trail is getting cold.

The U.S. is intent on regime change, and so therefore an investigation into whom ever cause this chemical atrocity, this war crime is irrelevant in the face of that particular agenda. “Assad must go and that is it…discussion over. We don’t want him, and don’t care about evidence. We want to destabilize populations and we want refugees, we want war, we want globalism. We want Syria turned into another Libya. We want diluted European nations without sovereignty. We want our pipeline and we want Russia isolated”

The UN has called in the last few days for humanitarian aid in a war induced famine in Yemen, 20 million people in Yemen are without safe drinking water and food. Libya is wide open like a gash in Africa. The whole region is destabilized and more to come

“Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world […] the time is now to come together to prevent an impending humanitarian catastrophe in the country” said the UN relief wing on its website, noting that the conflict in the country and its economic consequences is also driving the largest food security emergency in the world.”

“According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), nearly 19 million people in Yemen are in need of urgent humanitarian or protection assistance, including some 10.3 million who need immediate assistance to save or sustain their lives.”

The U.S. has no proof, no facts of who caused this chemical atrocity, and the only logical explanation is from the Russian side, through their military, as they had knowledge of an Syrian airstrike on a warehouse in that district, and a secondary explosion did not happen after the airstrike, which is usual as a sign of munitions inside destroyed. But there wasn’t a second explosion, signaling that the warehouse was either a possible chemical manufacturing, or a chemical storage facility. But the Russian government, have said that only an investigation by the OPCW will confirm circumstantial evidence of the airbase and the warehouse will prove that…

The chemicals used in this terrible atrocity was not confirmed as being Sarin…many have claimed Sarin gas. News headlines by MSM and war hawks, the uninformed, spread the idea of a Sarin gas attack. The first responders, like the White helmets claimed it was Sarin. The White helmets are a fraudulent organization that have lie before and the they were seen in video handling victims with bare hands and simple masks, when full hazmat suits are required by OPCW inspectors. Sarin clings to clothes and it terrible lethal.

In a fact-finding mission by the OPCW…a preliminary.

“Ambassador Ahmet Üzümcü updated Council members on recent developments regarding the OPCW Technical Secretariat’s activities.

The bio-medical samples collected from three victims during their autopsy were analysed at two OPCW designated laboratories. The results of the analysis indicate that the victims were exposed to Sarin or a Sarin-like substance. Bio-medical samples from seven individuals undergoing treatment at hospitals were also analysed in two other OPCW designated laboratories. Similarly, the results of these analyses indicate exposure to Sarin or a Sarin-like substance.

Director-General Üzümcü stated clearly: “The results of these analyses from four OPCW designated laboratories indicate exposure to Sarin or a Sarin-like substance. While further details of the laboratory analyses will follow, the analytical results already obtained are incontrovertible.”Ambassador Ahmet Üzümcü updated Council members on recent developments regarding the OPCW Technical Secretariat’s activities.”

What is clear from this, is that they know less than they did before, Director-General Üzümcü, uses the terms, ‘Sarin or a Sarin-like substance’ three times in his statement. There are a lot chemicals that are like Sarin. But Sarin seems to be the common word, as if that word is being normalized in this fact finding mission. Someone either knows or they don’t know. Is it Sarin or is it not; if not, stop using the term until you have proof of what caused this terrible crime.

I found an interesting take on this by Denis O’Brien of

Denis a neuroscientist and neuro-pharmacologist claims in his post  

“LogoPhere’s Top Ten Ways to Tell When You’re Being Spoofed by False-Flag Sarin Attacks” 

That Sarin is the not the gas that was used because of the conditions of the bodies and way the first-responders were dealing with a deadly chemical. Bodies should have blue, they were pink. Vomit, feces and urine should have been everywhere; victims would have soiled themselves.

His article is well worth the read. O’Brien notes:

“The neuroscientist and neuro-pharmacologist Denis O’Brien, a Ph.D. with a research and teaching career in that field, analyzed the sym[p]toms of the casualties that were depicted in the various videos coming out of Khan Sheikhun. His diagnostics and chemical-biological explanations are humorously titled Top Ten Ways to Tell When You’re Being Spoofed by a False-Flag Sarin Attack.

O’Brien notes the total absence of feces, urine, vomit and cyanosis (turning blue) in the videos. Sarin exposure causes, according to the CDC database “Nausea, vomiting (emesis), diarrhea, abdominal pain, and cramping.” Sarin affected patients would have spontaneously shit, peed and vomited all over. But the casualties in the videos, even the “dead” ones, have clean undies. The “clinic” in the videos has clean floors. The patients show red skin color, not oxygen-deprived blue. The patients in the videos were not affected by sarin.”

It is becoming clear that the U.S, is wanting a regime change only, the U.S. is compromising a fragile peace, and is possibly mounting evidence for an invasion of Syria, the UN is slow to move and stop those actions with proof positive of the culprits of this crime. But the UN has an agenda as well, a depopulation of the planet to a manageable state. A sustained state.

There is no help for Syria, except through Russia, the United States will impose sanctions on Syria. Until eventual war. we are witnessing the invasion of Iraq, all over again. The economy was never so good as when Americans were killing Iraq.

TRUMP, the “New War President”… more of the same.

Donald Trump is in a move to save his political career. The insane left is coming far to close; steadily moving forward, their protests and paid lamentations, their cries of “He is not our president.”, “he’s a pussy-grabber”, and even a Russian spy. The call for his possible impeachment was getting louder. Investigations into his character and finances and private life. He even uses Russian dressing on his salad. His connect to Putin, and a repeated lie that the American election was interfered with by a Russia intent on stopping a Hillary Clinton, who called Putin, “a new Hitler”. So much talk, and comparison to Hitler lately. The Russians were intent on putting a weaker, more amiable candidate into power. But yet not one of MSM “Free Press”, dared write the story of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Frank Giustra and the Clinton Foundation selling 20% of U. S. uranium to the Russians through Uranium One and the Russian State Corporation Rosatom. To take that story and pound it day in and day out. With President Donald Trump fulfilling his promise to put Hillary Clinton in jail.

But we are not looking at truth, we are looking at our own fixations, are we not? The latest nonsense about Donald Trump’s tax returns. But no legitimate protest against an illegal, and criminal act of war that he authorized and gave the go-ahead, with his recent missile air strike on the Shayrat Airbase, Shayrat, Syria. AND NO PROOF!

America has a new president now…a brand spankin new war President, not the same president that was voted in on Nov 8th/2016; not that swamp-draining president. Not the president that took the oval office at the White House on Jan 20/2017. No, I am talking about this “new guy”, this recent warmongerer, this commander and chief Donald Trump. This Manchurian candidate. This CEO who takes bombing advise from his daughter Ivanka.

Trump has fallen, he is inline with past war-mongering presidents of the United States. He has compromised his ethics totally, he has buckled in and become something far removed to the Donald Trump who spoke about the NeoCon Lindsey Graham that wanted to bomb this and bomb that. Who was outspoken about America policing the world. He is so far removed from the guy who said, he could get along with Putin, and Assad should be Syria’s concern, that Putin and Assad were fighting the bad guys, the terrorists…you remember those guys.,  The Muslim fanatical, misogynist head-choppers, who are an enemy to the whole world.

Ronald Reagan had his war in Grenada and then bombed Libya, his support and financing of the mujahideen, which became the Taliban and finally Al-Qaeda; Bill Clinton in Afghanistan, Sudan, and again in Yugoslavia; Bush “41” in the Gulf war; Bush “43” and the Invasion of Afghanistan, and the Iraq Invasion over WMD; which did not exist; which were never ever found. Barack Obama and the blatant and systematic destruction of Libya, which turned it in a hell hole of human slavery, and human trafficking. Black slaves now sold openly; as I write this, in the street, for as little as $500. Libya open to migration of humans fleeing oppression and poverty from the south, and the refugees from Libya, Syria, Sudan and Yemen. Obama in Syria, supporting ISIS, the White Helmets; who are frauds and liars, and fake YouTube videographers, and other terrorists who were the destruction of Libya and the assassinating of Gaddafi. Obama’s authorized drones strikes in Yemen and Pakistan on a daily basis, that kill women and children as they bury their dead. And the splitting of the Sudan in two, forever warring halves.

Eighty-five days into his presidency, and Donald Trump has fallen inline. And become “The president now”,  and sent 59 screaming cruise missiles to a Syrian air base, a unprovoked attack, grounded by allegations, but no proof, no evidence to provide for the alleged chemical attack by Bashar al-Assad’s government.

And Russia pleads for peace and physical evidence to support the accusation of Assad as the perpetrator of that chemical, gas assault on his own people. And the west can say is Putin is on the wrong side, and he is our enemy.

There are no presidents of the United States; the last one was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963, in Dealey plaza, by the CIA and factions of the deep state. There are only CEO’s of the military Industrial Complex which have taken over the White House and the Intelligence services of the United States of America. The war machine which keeps an economy nurtured on war.  Endless wars, selling expensive arms to both sides, fueling and arming insane men who bludgeon the weak, and destroy peace and life. And make Wall St, movers and shakers richer. The spin-offs from that, that trickle downed affect, and war inspired confidence in that economy.

The airstrike caused the upsurge of oil price, increased trading on the stock market…Weapons manufacturers, like Raytheon experienced an immediate jump in their stock price.

Trump gave the go for the missile strike on Syria, as a show to the Chinese, who are against interference in Syria. But of course, China is not liked by Donald Trump. They are his personal enemy. They (the Chinese) made their first visit to America to visit this presidency, and the air strike was unleashed during that visit as a show that Trump will not to tolerate China, and the South China sea and North Korea and the Kim Jong-il missile launch during the American/South Korean military manuevers. And recent missile tests, which are bound to continue. But still the yearly joint South Korean/American military exercise are at the front door of North Korea; jab the barking dog with a stick; continued yearly and are never looked at as the hypocrisy that it is…

“We’ll be conducting more missile tests on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis,” said Vice-Foreign Minister Han Song-ryol.”

The fear of World Nuclear War has never been closer that at this present moment in time. The world perched on very fragile ground; the purposeful and systematic isolationism of Russia, and think-tanks like the Brooking Institute thinking and preaching Anti-Putin rhetoric. NeoCons that can only call for “War, War War.”

Vladimir Putin the killer of the “New World Order” as proselytized by Strobe Talbott, friend and classmate and Rhodes scholar in the administration, of Bill Clinton. Strobe’s speech at Occidental College spoke badly of Putin. Fanned the flames of the new cold war.

“Rhodes Scholar and President of the Brookings Institution Strobe Talbott entitled “Vladimir Putin vs. the 21st Century”.”

This is a dangerous game be played by idiots, now with Trump. The escalation in Syria, just as the moment of peace was arriving. The constant provocation of the North Koreans. This will end miserably.

It would not surprise me in the least to see a full-out invasion of Syria, as Bush did in Iraq. Probably using the same script, as the public’s mind is gone, and short-term memory is shot to hell. And look how much the Iraq invasion fueled and helped the economy; jobs and wealth, extravagance, and gluttony.

Now that Assad was so close to peace, and driving the Jihadists out from Syria, on the verge of ending the war. The likelihood of 30-50,000 troops in Syria by the end of 2017 is not far-fetched in its prediction. War is good for, very good for business.

In a document released by the White House, it is explained why Donald Trump launched an illegal and uncalled for release of 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles on Syria.

It bears no proof of the chemical attack by Assad. And the White House claims to know better, to have confidence in their decision that Assad is a criminal, based on secrets not to be disclosed. Secret, secrets.We know that we know, and we know because, we know that is what we know.

Discussion over.



Syria: Why is there a war?

Do I have enough space to even facet, a response to that complex question? There is always war, there has always been war. Or should I say that as long as I have lived, and can remember, there has been war in this world. The war in Syria just one of many, in a war-torn world. War is enormous profit; war conveniently gets those that are disliked by west or others out-of-the-way; war covers up the U.S. mistakes from previous administrations, of their interference in politics of other nations.  War rallies the populous, in a false sense of their own power arrogance and self-righteousness. America is great! War allows controllers to control. War through its cruelties, forces the weak to submit to the strong. War forces conversion to ideology or religion. War controls population birth and death rate. War is the singular most evil thing humans do on this world, and the most terrible invention of man.

The Syrian War:

In a nut shell, in a few lines on this page, I will say concisely, the cruel war presently raging in Syria, is simply about globalism and one world governance. It is specifically about the largest sweet gas field in the world.

It is about specifically the pipeline from that gas field, that is jointly owned; produces great quantities of gas; by both Qatar and Iran. It is a massive field of sweet gas, that both countries wish to profit on, and this could feed a ravenous gas market in Europe. Which is dependent on Russian gas for roughly 30% of its needs. Russia sells 70% of its gas to Europe.

Since Iran is aligned with Russia, and an enemy of the United States, Qatar with two major U.S. airbases, and with projections for another American state of the art drone base to central Africa and the arab world. Qatar the evil and nasty greedy little brother of Saudi Arabia is aligned with the United States. The preference for the sale of that gas, from the South Pars / North Dome Gas-Condensate (SP/ND) field is from Qatar through Syria, Turkey and then to Europe. This would rival and compete directly with Russian Oil and Gas especially. Vast rich, gas fields in Russia enable them to sell cheap natural gas to resource poor European countries.
Syria has made a previous deal with Iran, backed by Russia, India and China…BRICS nations competing with the west.

Europe need for Russian gas have made it difficult for Washington to apply unjust sanctions, inflicted since the Ukrainian uprising.

Now the end result of this pipeline for the U.S. is to isolate and cut off Russia from its gas markets to the south, in Europe. To inflict its sanctions without a loss to Europe which needs that Russian gas, during severe winter months especially. That is also the reason for the Crimean affair. The Crimea has always belonged to Russia. The Crimea equals ports on the Black sea, were liquified natural gas and oil commodity export may be shipped to the countries of the European Union. Why would they ever give it up.

Bashar al-Assad had made an initial deal with Iran, with the help of Russia to run a pipeline through Syria, to ports in Lebanon, and eventually to Cyprus to Greece; and on to Europe. Greece would have benefited from this, forced through globalism to bankruptcy and a cruel and unusual austerity by vicious blood-sucking world bankers. That has made life extremely difficult for Greeks.

In his excellent article on the matter of the middle east, and Syria and the Pipeline, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, has deeply spelled out the utter insanity that has gone on there in the last 65 years, to enable the control and manipulation of one dictator or another, by the United States Government, the Oil companies, the CIA, and most specially the Council on Foreign Relations and their manipulation of the deep, deep state to further their end goal of U. S, hegemony and globalism and eventual one world government.

In his very well written and informed article Kennedy speaks about the start of all the beginnings through President Eisenhower and the Dulles brothers. Then Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, who advised and stated to Eisenhower in 1957, “We should do everything possible to stress the ‘holy war’ aspect.” and that has been the need ever since. The “Holy War”.

(All quotes from Robert F Kennedy Jr in Italics)

“The CIA began its active meddling in Syria in 1949—barely a year after the agency’s creation. Syrian patriots had declared war on the Nazis, expelled their Vichy French colonial rulers and crafted a fragile secularist democracy based on the American model. But in March of 1949, Syria’s democratically elected president, Shukri-al-Kuwaiti, hesitated to approve the Trans Arabian Pipeline, an American project intended to connect the oil fields of Saudi Arabia to the ports of Lebanon via Syria. In his book, Legacy of Ashes, CIA historian Tim Weiner recounts that in retaliation, the CIA engineered a coup, replacing al-Kuwaiti with the CIA’s handpicked dictator, a convicted swindler named Husni al-Za’im. Al-Za’im barely had time to dissolve parliament and approve the American pipeline before his countrymen deposed him, 14 weeks into his regime.”

Eisenhower unleashed Dulles, and Dulles send his dogs, Kim Roosevelt and Rocky Stone to Damascus.

A few years earlier these two had caused the coup that had over-thrown the democratically  elected Mohammed Mosaddegh, and installed the dictator, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, “The Shah of Iran”, who ruled until the Iranian revolution in 1972, which still fuels the hatred of the Iran and Iranian people, the overthrow of the Shah, and Iran’s embrace of Russia is what fuels America’s hatred of Iran.

Dulles released Stone and  Roosevelt to do their dirty  work in Syria next, dropping millions of dollars to gain control like they had in Iran and Jordan and Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

“But all that CIA money failed to corrupt the Syrian military officers. The soldiers reported the CIA’s bribery attempts to the Ba’athist regime. In response, the Syrian army invaded the American Embassy taking Stone prisoner. Following harsh interrogation, Stone made a televised confession to his roles in the Iranian coup and the CIA’s aborted attempt to overthrow Syria’s legitimate government.”

“Syria purged all politicians sympathetic to the U.S. and executed them for treason. In retaliation, the U.S. moved the Sixth Fleet to the Mediterranean, threatened war and goaded Turkey to invade Syria. The Turks assembled 50,000 troops on Syria’s borders and only backed down in the face of unified opposition from the Arab League whose leaders were furious at the U.S. intervention.”

“Even after its expulsion, the CIA continued its secret efforts to topple Syria’s democratically elected Ba’athist government. The CIA plotted with Britain’s MI6 to form a “Free Syria Committee” and armed the Muslim Brotherhood to assassinate three Syrian government officials, who had helped expose “the American plot.” (Matthew Jones in The ‘Preferred Plan’: The Anglo-American Working Group Report on Covert Action in Syria, 1957). The CIA’s mischief pushed Syria even further away from the U.S. and into prolonged alliances with Russia and Egypt.”

And so that story goes on and on, regime change after regime until today, nothing new and nothing has changed.

Bashar Hafez al-Assad’s father Hafez al-Assad ran Syria from 1971 until 2000. He took part in the 1963 Syrian Coup d’etat which brought the Syrian Regional Branch of the Arab socialist Ba’ath party into power. In 1970 he seized power from the undisputed leader of  Syria. A massive cult of personality was created and centered around Hafez al-Assad and his family. He reigned until a few months before Bashar took office.

Looking for a successor Hafez al-Assad, choice his eldest son Bassel al-Assad an engineer and Colonel in the Syrian special forces.

On January 21 1994, on his way to the Damascus International airport, he crashed his Mercedes at high-speed without a seat belt and died instantly. His father’s chosen.

Bassel’s death lead to the succession of the young and lesser known brother Bashar. Who was then taking post-graduate training in ophthalmology in London, England.

Bashar al-Assad  was elected president of Syria on 10th of July 2000, he received in the 2000 and 2007 elections, 99.7% and 97.6% support respectfully. In 2014 he was sworn in again as president for another 7 years.

He is thought of fondly, by those Syrians who voted for him, he is progressive, a moderniser of Syria, respectful of women, the people of Syria were healthy and life was good. Assad is a dictator but could be called benevolent, he has his enemies, but is not a despot in sense of head cutting or the extremist as in Saudi Arabia which covets the land of Syria for addition to its madness of the Wahhabi, and a new caliphate across the middle east. The country has been stable till the war; he has been attacked from all sides, without Russia he would have suffered the same fate as Gaddafi, and Saddam Hussein. The west does not appreciate its dictators speaking to anyone after their downfall, on the truths of western intervention in sovereign nations. If Assad falls, Syria goes the way of Libya, which is a hell-hole of human trafficking, and slaves sold in markets.

With the Al-Nusra Front, and ISIS, Free Syrian Army, al-Zenki, the fraudulent “White Helmets” and their propaganda, Turkey supplying chemical weapons and more extremists from Iraq, the American CIA, MI5, and MI6, the Israeli’s and their opportunistic air attacks, and finally the new-found NeoCon President of the United States, Donald Trump.

To further quote Robert F. Kennedy Jr again…

“As predicted, Assad’s overreaction to the foreign-made crisis—dropping barrel bombs onto Sunni strongholds and killing civilians—polarized Syria’s Shia/Sunni divide and allowed U.S. policymakers to sell Americans the idea that the pipeline struggle was a humanitarian war. When Sunni soldiers of the Syrian Army began defecting in 2013, the Western Coalition armed the “Free Syrian Army” to further destabilize Syria. The press portrait of the Free Syria Army as cohesive battalions of Syrian moderates was delusional. The dissolved units regrouped in hundreds of independent militias most of whom were commanded by or allied with Jihadi militants who were the most committed and effective fighters. By then, the Sunni armies of Al Qaeda Iraq (AQI) were crossing the border from Iraq into Syria and joining forces with the battalions of deserters from the Free Syria Army, many of them trained and armed by the U.S.”


“…our war against Bashar Assad did not begin with the peaceful civil protests of the Arab Spring in 2011. Instead it began in 2000 when Qatar proposed to construct a $10 billion, 1,500km pipeline through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey.”

“Bashar al-Asssad supports a Russian approved “Islamic pipeline” from the Iran side of the South/ pons through Syria to the [ports] of Lebanon, and eventually Cyprus to Europe.”

“When Sunni soldiers of the Syrian Army began defecting in 2013, the Western Coalition armed the “Free Syrian Army” to further destabilize Syria.”

“According to [Seymour] Hersh, “He [Assad] certainly wasn’t beheading people every Wednesday like the Saudis do in Mecca.”

“In 2009, according to WikiLeaks, soon after Bashar Assad rejected the Qatar pipeline, the CIA began funding opposition groups in Syria.”



TILLERSON/LAVROV: What is the truth… What is the process of truth. How does one find truth?

snapshot_1444153813352Russia this, and Russia that…the Russians did it. We know that, because…we do. Facts? Which ones… the alternate facts, the fake facts, Internet facts.

We know the Syrian regime, under Bashar al-Assad doesn’t use facts, North Korea, they don’t know facts. Russians are incompetent, they rig elections and we don’t; they are coming to realizing the real facts. In fact the facts are undemocratic in way, when you really think about them, they interfere with little babies in diapers gassed, and we can’t have that, and the truth, which is…different that facts. Facts are in the of way of progress in this big ole world, that keeps spinning and spinning and…spinning.


Tillerson goes to Russia and spends two hours with Vladimir Putin; and that would have been an interesting place to be a fly on the wall. What would Putin say to him…

Then afterwards, Rex Tillerson, Trump’s Secretary of State talked to Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, and they both spoke at arm’s length to the press meeting and answered questions from the world press.

Tillerson has layed down the law (Trumps new Manchurian law); I mean the new Trump, the new NeoCon Trump, I don’t mean the Trump from last week, that thought for himself, and wasn’t sucking up to war hawks, to get his ego stroked, and letting his daughter Ivanka help him make, $100 million bombing decisions in Syria.

Tillerson states, we understand that you haven’t come to understand the facts. Bashar al-Assad’s regime is coming to an end, and we would hope that you the Russia that we would like you to become, would kindly inform him of that, so that a peaceful transition of power might happen. The Assad regime is over, and we have decided that, President Trump, has picked up on the Obama’s administration foreign policy to oust Assad. The future of Syria is stable and Assad is not part of that stability. The future of Syria is peace, and Assad is not part of that peace.

We think the future might hold a war crimes tribunal for Assad and the prosecution for his war crimes. Of which we know he is guilty of at least fifty times, not including this recent terrible affair in Idlib. We know this as fact.

We don’t like that the American election was hacked, but we feel it’s not ok that countries interfere with politics, but computers that are hacked to find out about the Iran’s nuclear capability, or the North Koreans who are out to lunch really, because…why get upset because we played soldier with the South Korean government so close to the North Korean border? That’s what we do; we practice war; and play war; and engage in war; cause others to go war; and start war; make money of war; accuse others of war. Do we have to explain ourselves…hm. Really, we are the American government. We have been at this a long time. We know stuff.

We seek peace there in Syria…what was the question? Oh yeah, we know 100% that the Assad government planned and executed the Chemical weapons assault of ah Idlib. We know it; discussion is over, we know it. Assad did it, and we are not going take it anymore. He planned it and executed it, we know he did it, proof positive.

Assad has used chemical weapons fifty times, we know this…proof? Well. That a secret.

The facts? Well that’s top-secret too, that’s ah… national security secrets. Can’t have everybody knowing our stuff, can’t have that…those things getting out.

Lavrov in taking his turn to answer, when questioned by the world press…

On the other hand, he says, we were asked to help with the rebels and ISIS, Al-Nusra front, the terrorists, by the Bashar al-Assad government, the legitimate government voted into power by the Syrian people. We stay out of their decision-making, we advise and assist on the ISIS and the terrorist factions. We know that through the US/Russian  negotiations in the past, 2013, and the United Nations OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical weapons) that Assad’s Chemical weapons have been taken from him. And that the chemical weapons factories or holding ware-houses that we could not get too are under the oppositions control, and that an unfortunate airstrike, that was minus a secondary explosion released a gas cloud and the prevailing winds blew the gas to the town and that killed the a number of civilians from one such place.

We urge an immediate investigation, by the United Nations, and the OPCW who have experts, and are very experienced in this very thing, as a matter of fact that is why they exist, and so that investigation would ultimately settle this whole matter, by bringing us to the truth of the matter. Of this chemical assault on Idlib. They would investigate the town of Idlib, a frank and swift investigation, they would investigate the Syrian air-base were the supposed air-strike originated, to see, if this is really is the truth.

We don’t believe in the remote evidence; the television reporting, the NGO’s releasing information which have agendas, the ‘White Helmets’ which have been discredited and found to be fakes, and utter frauds.

The Russian military have provided physical evidence of the opposition to Assad using chemical weapons many times, but no one cares to investigate. No western media report it.

Why is the US trying to avoid an investigation in Idlib?

So we need to ask the UN to send a team now, before anything is lost; and we can’t understand why the Americans would want to stall on this. There is a very low-level of truth here. Troubling that the Americans violated sovereign airspace and we wouldn’t want an accident, no mistakes, air safety is important in Syrian skies. We believe in the Geneva and Astana peace process. Why is that stalled. Why is arms reduction as a whole, stalled.

As far as peace is concerned we wish a resolution to the Israel/Palestinian problem; we would like to see peace come to Afghanistan finally; we are concerned with Yemen and that peace comes to that country; we are concerned with Sudan and that arranged split which counters the peace, be helped and that is necessary.

Russia is having problems with the negative economics of the west; the fixation with eliminating this dictator or that dictator; Milosevic and Croatia; Saddam Hussein and his hanging after an invasion which only Tony Blair has admitted was fake. The purposeful destruction of Libya and now the mess of human trafficking going through there to the mediterranean. And now finally Syria. We see a pattern.

We believe the future of Syria should better in Syrian hands, the secular government and the Syrian people, and the needs of those people. This ‘regime change’ is not an answer.


What a difference a couple of weeks can make in Washington. Donald Trump is gone, the man the American people voted in to office, on November 8th 2016. Has been replaced by a Manchurian candidate. A talking head. And all that copy can say is “Assad is bad:, “War, war, war.” “Regime change.”, “My god the little babies.” “Sarin gas”

Sean Spicer is a lying liar. He’s the mouthpiece now of an administration that confirmed to the Obama policy of removing Bashar Al-Assad. There is no future for an Assad government. An administration that has embraced the position of the Neocons; now we have both Democratic and Republican versions these insane globalists. Last week before Trump’s demise and replacement with this talking head; the Trumps policy was, “Let the Syrian people decide.”

Now it is Ivanka Trump, who  is now dictating foreign policy; and the little babies again, and my dad is bigger than Assad, he’ll straighten it out.

How did the world get to this fake reality. Why are we paying taxes or listening or voting or giving any of our time to these phony psychopathic billionaires.

There is no office of the President of the United States of America, it gone, it doesn’t exist anymore. The last time it existed was 1963. We have an orange haired sock puppet with the deep state’s hand up his ass. From now on it will be, military expansion, and Trump’s family making portent government decisions till the end of this failed attempt at a presidency.

The Russian Federation is isolated, and that is what we the great collective wants; Russia is now lumped with Iran, North Korea, and Syria as the bad guys of the planet, and not the club that any reasonable country would hang out with. Nobody should be in this club, they are all failed states, except the Russian Federation. and we’re working on that…there will be an ultimatum soon. And by the way we didn’t have anything to do with them failing.

Assad is worse than Hitler, continues the Spicer…. he used sarin gas, even though they have no proof, and it seems that its was a organophosporus, a category of chemicals that includes nerve agents.

The White Helmets, who seem to be super heroes because they always make it to these tragic scenes first, and strangely don’t have to wear HazMat suits, like the rest of us, even though [sarin gas], nerve agents are such deadly poisons. If you get it on your skin, your dead…immediately. Full Hazmat suits are the required in theses situations, always. But hell who needs facts.

Syria’s Bashar “Hitler” Al-Assad went out there in the middle of the early morning and set the sarin gas loose on sleeping babies and old people, and cats and budgies, and the pets and those poor things were snug like little bugs in their rugs, with there little easter bunnies, and that fucker Assad well we’ll show him dropping gas in [towns].

Its towns now?

Donald Trump you broke faith with your voters, you became one of the slime balls of the world. You sold out for another gold toilet to shit in…you pretended and lied to the American voters who put you in power. You sold out for the admiration of Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell, and John McCain, and Ivanka, and all the brain-dead cheapo fake patriots. There is no difference between you and Hillary Clinton. You’re the same club, the psychopath club. You’re a killer now, is that the first time Donald, how did it feel to reach across the ocean and kill men who fighting for freedom in a devastated terrorized country. How about the collateral damage, in those missile strikes; more dead citizens of Syria; are you ok with that?

By the way, are you still putting Hillary in jail for her crimes of murder and mayhem, and fraud and Libya? I guess you can’t your Libya will be Syria, every President has to have one, it’s the Baptism by blood in that new club your now in.

Sean Spicer answers  a question on Syria and Assad, who worse than Hitler, and now to Easter egg hunt for the kiddies, this weekend at the White House. And the neighbourhoods close to the White House will be involved and yeah, yippee for the fucking Easter bunny. Give me a break already, you phony lying liars.

America won’t tolerate Korea and an old missile into the sea, but it’s ok for you to perform joint efforts with South Korea in the largest annual joint military practice on the Korean peninsula. Since the Korean war; and it okay for you to jab a barking dog with a stick. Because you are America, the land of the sleazy and the home of depraved.

And we have a real President now…a brain-dead puppet, that will make us proud, and he’s in our club, not those guys club…ya know the bad guys club, the R,NK,I,S club.

Sean “I can tell 15 lies in 15 minutes” Spicer continues; Syria holds no future and holds no peace with Assad. But there was peace, That was what Geneva and Astana were about, the rebels were on the run, there is/was rebuilding in Aleppo, who knows now. The American government in their actions have now given the go ahead for the gutless, cowardly, pedophile, prophet worshipping Jihadists to continue with using more chemical weapons being supplied by the gangsters running Turkey. because every time they do, America will kick Syria when it is down.

It worked once, and the Americans rained down US $100 million in Tomahawk cruise missiles on Assad…we will do again. because America, wants a ‘regime change’.

Susan Rice of Ricegate said Syria had no Chemical Weapons, we took them away in 2013 after the Ghouta massacre; but that ok she’s half-way under the bus. Sean Spicer kicks her all the way under the bus and disconnect her from, and protects Obama in the interim. She doesn’t know what she is talking about he says. Set the stage that she is a liar. you’ll need it later.

Spicer’s point of contention; the only people who are not supporting the American cruise missile attack is Russia, North Korea, Syria under Assad and Iran…da bad guys.

And now the isolationism of Russia, keep it up Spicer, we should be in full-fledged World War Three soon. Remember now folks, the Spicer gives us the facts; Chemical weapons are just like nukes.

And russophobia becomes the policy of the United States puppet government.

Get use to it, it will be four years of this nonsense…this insane insanity.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Has he gone insane…or is he being manipulated, black-mailed by the deep state.

Everyone of value, those people who can be trusted, and are not pathological liars; the ones with common sense, critical thinkers; the ones who are not prone to knee-jerking to the first crisis that pops up in this new President’s administration; not the ones that have an agenda to keep to, like expanding war for profit, not those that are russophobic have said, “Why would Bashar Al Assad on the eve of peace, after driving the terrorists out of Aleppo; and on the verge of a war almost won; a country destroyed, and starting to rebuild it in Aleppo. After five million Syrian people have been driven into exile, and are now refugees. Why would he use chemical weapons (Sarin Gas) in a purposeful military rocket strike on his own people, in Khan Shaykhun.”

He wouldn’t use them, he does not possess chemicals weapons. The Syrian chemical weapons were given up to the UN in 2013. It’s ridiculous to use them, even if he had them; Assad is smart man, and knows well enough that if he in did, if he had them and used chemical weapons against the rebels; especially with the west led propaganda and military action against his government using ISIL, Daesh, Al-Nusra and those cowardly bastards Al-Zenki who enjoy cutting the heads of 12-year-old Syrian patriot boys, that the American War hawks would convince the President to do precisely what he has done Thursday April 6th. Of course war hawks in Washington, don’t need a reason. They care about profits gained from armaments.

This action does not make any sense, unless those experts who know the situation and believe it is not Syria, and have said so publicly is in fact true. Or this is an operation to kick the war back into action again, plus now we American boots already on the ground in Syria.

There has been a lot of money expended into Syria to start and fuel this war, so that many may reap from its benefit. And the benefits; globalists get their way and destabilize Syria, creating refugees that dilute sovereignty in Europe bolstering a disintegrating European Union; dilute sovereignty in Britain, the USA and Canada with tens of thousands of incoming refugees; allows land that Turkey covets to be claimed after a defeated Syria; put billions of dollars in the hands of soulless arms merchants and manufacturers; enable a Saudi led usurpation of Syria and the acceptance of a gas pipeline from the South Pars/North Dome Gas-Condensate Field in Qatar. Qatar: Saudi Arabia’s evil and nasty little brother. And finally the looting of Syrian resources, by Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and United States.

Trump’s quick reaction, and seemingly impulsive decision, was Korea and the recent launch of an antiquated missile into the South China sea, as saber-rattling for the recent South Korean/US military joint war games, on Trumps mind.

The United States of America set loose the dogs of war, and send 59 screaming Tomahawk cruise missiles raining down on the Al-Shayrat airbase, without prove positive that Assad did this, and that this chemical attack wasn’t the work of the insane terrorist organizations in Syria. Or a military after effect and a terrible mistake, after a Syrian airstrike on a rebel warehouse in the area of the chemical attack.

The Tomahawk Block IV cruise missile costs $1.41 million, and 59 will cost you, $83.19 million. Must be nice to waste that much money and for what…

The Raytheon Corp stock went up 2.1 percent in pre-market trade after the U.S. Tomahawk missile strike on the Syrian airbase.

The Americans passed by every possible logical reason for the tragedy, and without evidence came to the conclusion that the Syrian army sent rockets into Khan Shaykhun. America is guilty of one-mindedness, or profiteering of the misery of others.

A terrorist rebel warehouse stockhold of arms and chemical weapons in or near the town o Khan Shaykhun had been airstriked by the Syrian Airforce, and the Sarin gas which could have been amongst the other armaments, and accidentally set off, or were set off in the town as retaliation. And used as political grist to fuel the American retaliation. And as a move to fool the world. An unfortunate event, a terrible result of war, or more than likely the terrorist rebels are responsible, as they have been proven to have used chemical weapons, and blamed it on the Syrian government before.

This is to me a contradiction of the Trump’s muslim ban/vetting; his refugee/immigration controls into the United States, as now America has entered into war with Syria, and with American boots on the ground, we in the west can expect even more of the same, more refugees. Peace would have put a cessation the numbers of people leaving Syria.

Is this a possible reason for the chemical attack; Trump dealing with the Korean debacle, on his head, and he, last week saying that the Syrian people such decide about Assad, through Rex Tillerson, his Secretary of State . The Russians were helping fight the terrorists, and now Trump has moved to a about turn, 180 degrees from last week.  And the whispers of Mattis and his generals, and the war mongerering, and the ramspecking Nikki Haley, and the gloating Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham.

Lindsey Graham, a small little man, who feels he is of presidential quality. He was the old Republican member of the judiciary committee on the impeachment of Bill Clinton, to vote against any of the articles. One of the more serious hawks in the republican party. Graham is ‘prooud’ of the president. Feels the Syrian Airforce should attacked, and believes a line in the sand should be drawn with the Russian. A russophobic that threats American/Russian Federation peace.

The reports say the chemical attack Khan Shaykhun, killed 70 civilians, with perhaps more than 200 injured.  Nothing is confirmed as yet…nothing.

In an emergency meeting of the at UN, Kim Won-soo, the UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs. Stated to the 15 member council that, the symptoms of the victims after the attack, including respiratory problems, vomiting, fainting and foaming at the mouth, and miosis (pupillary constriction).

He went on to say, “Reports have stated that the attack was carried out through an airstrike on a residential area [but] the means of delivery of the alleged attack cannot be definitively confirmed, at this stage,” he noted.

 “The likelihood of exposure to a chemical attack is amplified by an apparent lack of external injuries reported in cases showing a rapid onset of similar symptoms, including acute respiratory distress as the main cause of death.”

He further went on to say that the means of delivery of the gas could not be confirmed. Was it an airstrike, or canisters, reported to be in a warehouse nearby. This all happened in the wee hours of the morning. Kim went on to say,

“If confirmed, this would constitute the single largest chemical weapons attack in [Syria] since the attack on Eastern Ghouta in August 2013,”

In his briefing to the 15-member council, Mr. Kim informed the Council of reports indicating the presentation in…

“Some cases appear to show additional signs consistent with exposure to organophosphorus chemicals, a category of chemicals that includes nerve agents,”

Quote: “The Director-General of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) had informed that the OPCW-United Nations Joint Investigative Mechanism was gathering and analysing information from all available sources, and would be prepared to deploy a team at the earliest opportunity.”

The France UN Delegate:

“France’s representative saying there was significant evidence that the event had not resulted from an air strike on a warehouse belonging to rebel groups”

The Russian UN Delegate:

“VLADIMIR SAFRONKOV (Russian Federation) described interest in the Khan Shaykhun events as “ideological”, saying it was interwoven with the anti-Damascus campaign that had not yet reached the place it deserved on the “landfill of history”. It was interesting that when the processes in Astana and Geneva gained speed, the tragedy of Khan Shaykhun occurred.”

And what is also interesting in this matter, is the latest terrorist attack, the explosion in St Petersburg Metro, that killed 14 people. As quoted in the MSM, “The likely suspect in the deadly blast in the Russian city of St Petersburg is a Kyrgyz-born Russian citizen, investigators have said.”, the optimum word is “likely”, that not a definitive.

All that from the Guardian, a British tabloid. This is all setting up to be a dark and deep state ‘Op’.

This is an operation on the highest order, when one digs deeply for information, and uses a bit of common sense and logic, we see a scenario unfolding. The possibility of the war ending which represents Billions of lost dollars lost in profit for the Military industrial complex.  We see the key players outed for their despicable and inhuman ways. We see mad Islamic killers, and fake first-aid responders; the “White Helmets” have been outed for what they are, killers and terrorists. Who incidentally have won an Oscar award for their fake documentary on their propagandist work in Syria, and their child snuff videos on YouTube. They are terrorists, in sheep’s clothing.

I find it also this terrible event, takes the heat of Obama spying and the Susan Ricegate affair. And it’s also convenient that congress is on a two-week recess.

To continue on with the wisdom of the UN Russian delegate’s Vladimir Safronkov response to the UN council…

“According to the Russian Federation’s information, Syria had requested that the OPCW send a mission to investigate the events, he said, while reiterating his country’s position that the use of chemical weapons by anyone, anywhere was unacceptable. Those responsible must be held accountable, he added. Describing the previous United States Administration’s setting of “red lines” as the “turning point” in the use of chemical agents in Syria, he said crossing those lines was supposed to have triggered intervention in Syria, but had instead laid the ground for future provocations by terrorists seeking to discredit the Damascus regime, and had thereby established a pretext for the use of military force against Syria. That inaction had encouraged insurgents who had committed more significant actions in eastern Ghouta by their use of sarin, he said. Damascus had demonstrated good faith, and through the Russian Federation’s efforts, the chemical demilitarization of Syria had been achieved.”

“As for the alleged on 4 [th] April incident on territory controlled by Al-Nusrah Front, he said that Syrian aviation had conducted an air strike on an ammunition warehouse containing a facility for producing ammunition for the use of toxic weapons. That ammunition was supposed to be used in Iraq and Aleppo, a city in which symptoms similar to those seen in Khan Shaykhun had been found in 2016, he said.”

Safronkov continued with…“People believe us.”

“…he noted, adding that the OPCW had determined that ISIL/Da’esh and Al-Nusrah Front had produced weaponized mustard gas and sarin, which had been used regularly in Syria.”

“Beyond the norms of diplomatic standards, the United Kingdom’s statements about China and the Russian Federation were unacceptable, he emphasized, declaring: “We won’t listen to it.” The United Kingdom was guided by the need to change the regime in Syria,”

The USA UN Delegate:

NIKKI HALEY (United States), Council President for April, spoke in her national capacity, recalling that the Council had voted unanimously on the Joint Investigative Mechanism’s mandate. Now that it had revealed the Government of Syria’s use of chemical weapons at least three times, however, some members no longer supported it. “There are times we are inclined to do more than just talk,” she said, emphasizing that the Council would not deserve its position as a defender of peace and security had it not risen to action today. Rising to display photographs of yesterday’s victims — including infants in diapers — she stressed “we cannot close our eyes to those pictures”. The attack, bearing all the hallmarks of the Government’s use of chemical weapons, was a “new low, even for the barbaric Assad regime”.

” …at least three times,”, ridiculous lies! Ghouta gas attack in 2013 is still in dispute, and more than likely the terrorists in Syria did the thing and blamed it on the Syrian army.  After the Ghouta attack, Syria agreed to turn over all chemical weapons stockpiles for destruction and declared its intention to join the Chemical Weapons convention. The Russians/US negotiated and ensured this deal, the Organization for Prohibition fo Chemical Weapons (OPCW)  ensured the removal of chemical weapons and their destruction. So the Syrian possess no chemical weapons.

“There are times we are inclined to do more than just talk,” …and this is what she and Hawks whispered in Trump’s ear. And finally, fifty-nine Tomahawks cruise missiles are fired into Syria.

“The Council had recently attempted to pass a resolution to hold the perpetrators of chemical weapons attacks in Syria accountable, she recalled. However, the Russian Federation had “defied the conscience of the world” by refusing to fulfil its responsibility, she said, adding that chemical-weapon attacks would continue if nothing was done because the Assad regime — shielded by the Russian Federation — would have no incentive to stop. “If Russia has the influence in Syria that it claims to have, we need to see them use it,” she emphasized, demanding: “How many more children have to die before Russia cares?”

Always the children, and diapered little babies, and babies drowned on beaches, and babies and children rescued, after being drugged and placed under the ground in a staged rescues by the seemingly valiant “White Helmeted” terrorists. It has been cited that some these children rescued have died after being drugged in these suspicious and easily faked YouTube snuff videos. And the first responders to the Sarin gas attacks, “White Helmets” with bare hands and no HazMat suits. Do they know how legal, how positively deadly Sarin gas is… And an Oscar and the drama and theatre used to sway an ignorant public sentiment, and mind.

“…she said, adding that chemical-weapon attacks would continue if nothing was done because the Assad regime — shielded by the Russian Federation — would have no incentive to stop.”

…really Nikki. The Idea of a Syrian country-side devastated in the wake of war; ruined desolate villages; five million of the Syrian population driven out of country through years of war; a devastated economy; ruined infrastructure; and looted national wealth; fifteen million Syrian people displaced within their own country; a movement of a nation back in time to third world status. A nation that was prosperous, and modern. A nation that had a quality of life for its citizens; education and a tolerant government. A nation that was in the process of rebuilding and turning towards a positive future with the aim of calling it people to return home and help in the rebuilding of devastated Syria. That wasn’t an incentive for peace Nikki…politicians like you sicken the world. Your dark heart brings us closer to extinction, for you have no soul. Nikki, admit it, you hate Russia, you hate Trump, your aspire to the White House as the first female president. You have an agenda Nikki.

The Syria UN Delegate:

“MOUNZER MOUNZER (Syria) said that some Council members had made statements today that proved unequivocally that his country was the victim of two aggressions: first, an attack by the Council’s permanent members; and second, a proxy attack by armed terrorist groups operating under their instructions. Both seemed to have an appetite for fabricating information, he said, rejecting all false claims and allegations that the Syrian army had used chemical weapons in Khan Shaykhun. The Government did not possess such weapons in any form, he said, declaring: “We have never used them and we will never use them.”

Chemical weapon stockpiles had been given up to The OPCW, after the Russian/US negotiation after the Ghouta massacre and that false flag attack by the same terrorists that we see today.

“…in addition to blackmailing Syria and its allies, obstructing peace talks and ending all prospects for a political solution to the crisis — even if children paid the price.”

“[There are] 90 letters that the Syrian Government had addressed to the Council, the Joint Investigative Mechanism and other bodies, containing documented evidence that Da’esh possessed toxic chemicals obtained from Turkey.”

“France, in particular, was responsible for a number of barbaric 2016 massacres in Syria, as well as the recent air strike in Deir ez-Zor which had claimed the lives of many civilians, he said.”

But from an American war hawk position any reason is a good reason to bomb the shit out the brown people of Syria.

When are people going to stop listening to Lindsey Graham, John McCain. and now Trump’s ear is possessed by another hawk, Nikki Haley, his own ambassador to the UN.

Nikki Haley, is driven by the Obama “red line”…

“We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my calculus. That would change my equation.” Barack Obama, August 20th, 2012.

Haley is being groomed as a possible for later presidency. Once considered by Mitt Romney as a running mate. She was considered as a potential candidate in the 2016 election. She doesn’t like Trump, but is smart enough to hold his ear. Keep her enemies closer. Or was she a deal Trump made to hold those who oppose him at bay?

Haley has no real understanding and knowledge of history. She stated to the UN Security council that sanctions against Russia would not be lifted until Russia returned the Ukraine. What she fails to understand, or purposely pushes aside, is her russophobia; Crimea has always belonged to Russia. Why would they give up their connection to Black sea and the European markets for their natural gas, and other goods. The US ambition has always been to separate the Crimea from Russia, to isolate them, the Crimea is and has always been NATO in action.

She would not support Trumps vetting of refugees..and now wishes to create more, because she a globalist.

Then on March 30, 2017, Haley stated that the US policy regarding Bashar Al Assad was not to force him out of power, since the previous administration’s departure as Assad as a key policy aim had been changed.

Now she states, that Russia, Assad, and Iran “have no interest in peace”. The next day Thursday 6th of April, 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles, costing the American taxpayer something in the range of US $100 million, rain down on Syria.

Haley’s response..“very measured step”, and the US was prepared “to do more” 

Is she speaking for Donald Trump, or is she speaking as an American presidential hopeful.

Haley is intent on war and is one those who represent globalism, and US hegemony.

Is Donald Trump is in over his head?


Artist: Michael Burns

Michael Burns Mixed Media

Wow, how is that for a header; News Literary Project (NLP). Literary: pertaining to books, literature, pertaining to authorship. Engaged in or having a profession of literature or writing. Characterized by an excessive or affected display..of learning: stilted; pedantic. Overly concerned with details. Well let me see if I can be literary here for you, wouldn’t want to put out something fake; missed or dissed information; no alternate facts. Which is precisely what this organization, NLP wants you and your children to believe the Alternate Internet Media is doing, whereas main stream media (MSM) is telling you the truth, the god’s truth, and nothing but the truth.

Quote NLP:  “A Stanford University study published in November 2016 found that more than 7,800 middle school, high school and college students in 12 states were unable to [assess] the credibility of the information that floods their smartphones, tablets, and computers — despite their aptitude for digital and social media.”

That because American schools are dumbing down the students, are negligent in the fact that they do not and cannot teach the students to think critically; logic as a subject taught to students is non existant; to enable them through analysis and a process called trivium they come to the truth on their own behalf. To teach them, to teach themselves. A sharp mind, a open mind, an enquiring mind needs no master.

NLP is a website that claims to be able to correct the above quoted fact. 7800 middle school, high school and colleges unable to access the truth. NLP is a website chock filled of truths and people, who with a wealth of experience in MSM, will and can tell the kiddies the difference between real news and fake news. And point out the fakes on the way. Truth and lies; and truth requires taking away freedom, according to NLP.

“NLP teaches young people how to evaluate the credibility of news and information as a student, consumer and citizen.”

So I guess, the trivium method of learning ‘is’ coming back to schools in America. No, no change, the quote is as stated…the student is a consumer of a product and a citizen. That right, MSM is a product. And that is precisely what MSM produces, a product to make a citizen. But that is not a thinker that not someone who can look at what he or she is reading and begin to see the fallacies, the inadequacy, the ad hominem, the lies and spin, the mind control nonsense that the MSM writes every single day to earn its daily bread. Actually they don’t earn it, they are financed to the hilt, for they part of the social engineering going on.

“The ability to determine what is reliable or not reliable: That is the new basic skill in our society,” …

Precisely, and MSM has been in the business of hoodwinking the public for many numbers of decades now. They have been part of a CIA operation called “Mockingbird”. An operation that went on from 1950; that manipulated public media; newspapers; magazines; television and radio to propagandize for the American government and large corporations. The operation has never ended, and continues to this very day.

In a sense, beyond all intensive purposes, NLP aims to forward that ideology set out in 1950 by the CIA. NLP will inform children what is true and what is false minus the thinking in between They will be informed of who in the media is truthful and whom is telling lies, putting out fakery is MSM product.

“As of January 2017, more than 2,000 teachers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia had registered to use the checkology™ platform in their classes, serving almost 220,000 students.”

“The virtual classroom incorporates many of the best practices in e-learning, including self-pacing, personalization, blended and experiential learning, rich formative assessment, teacher feedback and remediation, points and digital badges. It also includes a class discussion area where students share and comment on work, reflect on key questions and initiate their own conversations about the news and information they encounter in their daily lives.”

“Throughout the core lessons, journalists from BuzzFeed News, Bloomberg, the Chicago Sun-Times, NBC News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post are joined by experts on the First Amendment and digital media as virtual teachers.”

As in the above quotes one can see the same old liars, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, the Washington post. But the list doesn’t stop there…

It continues with ‘usual suspects’ some bad, and some not so good at all: ABC News; AP; Bloomberg; Buzzfeed; CBS News and “60 Minutes”; Chicago Sun Times; Chicago Tribune; CNN; Financial Times; Futuro Media Group; International Reporting Project; Houston Chronicle; Los Angeles Times; NBC News; NPR; Philadelphia Inquirer; Politico; ProPublica; Slate; Reuters; Southern California Public Radio/KPCC; Univison; USA Today; Vice.


Michael Burns Charcoal, pencil, graphite, acrylic color on gessoed canvas. Unfinished work 60 X 60 inches

America and the world have lost faith in main stream media, many of these television stations and newspapers are owed by the same media corporation. And media corporations are owned by world conglomerates. So all that media  power centralizes in the hands of a few. And that few have no interest in truth and the news, they have interest in gaining political power, money, and influence. And the movement towards Global Governance. Sovereignty is of no importance, for them America is finished. The majority of these corporations aim to keep you in an Internet bubble. You become like a mushroom and they keep you in the dark and feed you bullshit about world issues.

There really always has been manipulation of the media, that goes back a long way, to the times of William Randolph Hearst, a Democrat who own a chain of newspapers, and used the so-called “flamboyancy methods of yellow journalism”. The inspiration for Orson Welles fine film noir of “citizen Kane. Media was controlled and manipulated before that, but Hearst brought it to new and unimagined levels.

We cannot rely on a group of news agencies to dictate what is truth and what is not, only through critical thought, and journalists who back their writing with fact, sources of those facts. Singular thought and individuality. Children must be taught, how to look for the spin, one point might be, that ten newspapers cannot carry  the same news story with the same headlines wording and phrasing, as also television news casts, can do the same. Newscasting on television has become theatre. That cannot be coincidence, it is obvious propaganda.

It has created a new model that provides real-world learning experiences for students and connects them with journalists who reinforce these lessons by drawing on their own experiences and on recent examples from the news media.

The e-learning experiences in these four modules emphasize social media and other digital platforms. They address such topics as the identification and evaluation of viral rumors, the role of algorithms in personalizing news and information, and the ethical implications associated with the rise of branded content.

When one looks to were the money is coming from we see the same all dragons; Rockefeller foundation, notorious in their aim to manipulate the truth and politics to their own end, even with the death of the infamous David Rockefeller a few days ago, his influence reaches out past the grave.

The McCormick’s who are engaged with the Rockefeller-McCormicks, Harold Fowler McCormick Sr, who married Edith Rockefeller, the youngest daughter of John Davison Rockefeller, the start of it all, the robber baron in the Rockefeller dynasty. They have had ties going back a long ways.

In 1911 McCormick became the editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune until his death in 1955. The Chicago Tribune is one of the sponsor of truth on NLP.

The Knight Foundation, gaining it wealth through newspapers in the south in Akron and Miami.

These are not incidences, they are purposeful, MSM is dying the death of thousand cuts of the Internet. Individual writers and journalists, are putting the truths out there for you to find. Some are and some bad; and the bad ones will fade away, and the cream always rises. But to centralize news in the hands of a few, is stepping back in time. The population have lost trust and the era of major media is ending. There lying days are to be counted. and so a last-ditch attempt to gain a new following, by getting to the children before they become thinking adults. Many websites are popping up on the Internet purporting to be truth sayers, claiming to be the exposers of fake news. They fear the end of that long paradigm of corporate media dominance and seek to reinvent themselves. Websites like PropOrNot, Snopes etc, are sponsored by corporate media.

In NLP’s section; teachable moments. The article quote..

“The 2016 Presidential Coverage Balancing Act: How Trump’s Campaign Tests the Standard of Fairness”

In the Washington Post’s fact checker column on truthfulness, the column awarded Pinocchios to the lying candidates in the race for POTUS. The rating came down, four days before the election to, 59 P’s for Trump, and 7 P’s for Hillary Clinton. Anyone who was watching the election will know the media were slanted towards Hillary Clinton and bigoted towards Trump. He suffered untold numbers of spun stories and lies, MSM tried to set him up, right up until the election. Trump winning of that election, sent a shockwave of disbelief through the MSM. Some even had their headlines prepared and ready to go predicting Hillary Clinton’s win.

In a blog on the NLP website a writer, attempts to slant information on Donald Trump in his run up to the election as putting out ten times more fake stories that Hillary Clinton campaign did, NLP’s website is anti-Trump and is left in its political leaning, and most certainly a Democratic party voice.

In a break down of the leading people at NLP, we find Journalists and media heads, editors of newspaper and Television talking heads, it is a biased forum of cronies. Lobbyists and speech writers, administrators from the Clinton Presidency. It is obvious who is the piper.

The Board:

  • Greg McCafferty: President of Bloomberg BNA. employing more than 1500 journalists
  • Karen Wickre: Communication strategist. worked for  Twitter, Google and KVOX
  • Don Baer: Senior advisor to Bill Clinton, and Chief White House speech writer for Bill Clinton. Ceo of Burson-Marsteller dealing in crisis management and political lobbying. Using smearing and doubt campaigns. He was editor of U. S. News and world report. And a media lawyer.
  • Neil Budde: vice president and executive editor for The Courier Journal in Louisville, KY
  • Eva Haller: Gained her fortune in the telephone marketing business.
  • Leslie Hill: Dow Jones board of directors, Advisory board of the Rand Corp[oration. Member of the Bancroft family which owned the Wall Street Journal, before its sale in 2007.
  • Rob King: Member of AP Press board. Senior vice president of ESPN’s sport center and news.
  • David Marchick: The Carlyle group management committee. Served in Bill Clinton’s administration.
  • Alan Miller: Ceo of NLP. Reporter for the Los Angeles times for 21 years.
  • Walt Mossberg: Vox media.
  • Terry Peterson: Clinton administration.
  • Steve Schmidt: political analyst for MSNBC
  • Juliet Stipeche: Lawyer, director of education for the Houston mayor Sylvester turner.
  • Don Wycliff: New York Times, Chicago Tribune. McCormick Foundation board member

So as can be seen, the board of NLP is a stacked deck, the kiddies haven’t got a chance against such power mongers. Media on the comeback, huh. There is a lot of money at stake, big money, corporate money. And with declining readership and people turning to the Internet for news. Those media empires are facing their demise. And betting on the children. this campaign reminds me of McDonald’s rise to fame, get em young, and give em toys.

In NPL’s mission statement, they state…

“NPL’s goal is to see news literacy embedded in the American educational experience as an essential skill, giving every student an appreciation of credible journalism and the skills to be an active participant in a robust democracy.”

Embedded in the educational system, there we go that’s what we want, get to them before the Television, before they read a newspaper.

NLP has advisory committees in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Washington and an Educational Advisory Committee. They are well entrenched in the educational system, and will only get bigger, their pockets appear to be bottomless, as one looks to whom is funding this nightmare.

The Ministry of Truth has arrived, welcome to 1984.


Foundations that fund New Literary Project:















Individual, Corporate and Nonprofit Donors



BOOK BURNING: And you thought that, was only done by Nazis, and Fascists…welcome to the new America.

20170117_154820It is for me, a truly sad affair to find in this new Internet world of open source information, or what would aspire to be open information. We would find the case of wanton censorship…on children, no less.  By representatives of the American government. Representatives of congress.

Democratic representatives: Bobby Scott, of the “Committee on Education”; Raul M Grijalva, of the “Committee on Natural Resources”; Eddie Bernice Johnson, “Commitee on Science, Space and Technology”, seek to ban a book and DVD.

This book banning and destruction serves two purposes; one to further a climate agenda that is corrupt, and two, to attack Donald Trump and his sensible views on climate hoax.

The debate is over, there is no more discussion. we have the facts, and the facts do not lie, and we as your protectors and committee heads of committees to stop anybody from thinking on their own, have decided through our committees and sub committees to not allow a little book and a DVD to inform your children. We thought about this and committed, and subcommitteed, and waste fucking tax payers money, and have come to a conclusion. The Book is bad.

These three “Book burners”; Scott, Grijalva and Johnson, I don’t know what other name to call them; these intolerant Democratic representatives ask teachers to destroy outright the books written by ‘Climate Deniers’. “Ya know..those evil people who want you to believe the discussion is not finished yet, the science isn’t completely in…there is much more to consider and that, ‘climate change’, although it is happening; more than likely will always happen. And from the facts has always happened in the past and distant past to a greater extent, but that’s irrelevant. And climate change is not primarily being caused by human beings, going about the business of their lives.

The consensus that CO2 (Plant food) is the driver of that climate change needs to be addressed immediately. And put down for what it is; a scam to get more money out of your pocket. This purported fact that CO2 is a green house gas driving global warming is a lie. The science shows clearly that CO2 rise, lags temperature rise. And that, temperature is rising, when in fact is dropping. Last year 2016, temperature dropped a full degree celsius.

When the real truth is that we live in the atmosphere of the sun, the driver of all life on planet earth.

That we are in an interglacial period of climate warming and that is a natural and cyclical climate event.

That there is actually a carbon deficit in the atmosphere, and we could easily thrive to greater sense in an atmosphere rich in 800-1000 PPMv of carbon dioxide.

The nasty, evil, terribly mind altering little book, “Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming” Paperback – November 30, 2015, and a DVD……is being sent to 200,000 school teachers across America. The sponsorship for the book and DVD is the Heartland Institute.

The heartland Institute’s aim is the other side of the argument, which seems fair; since social engineering is arranging consensus, and a slanted bias view in science matters like climate change. With Al Gore, and Lenny DiCaprio, and Bill Nye and the rest of that ship of fools.

Science is becoming a type of fascism, with a religious zealotry towards climate science as a closed and finished issue. The models are telling us the truth. Never mind that the software is glitchy and buggy as your laptop…no more discussion.

The book in question confronts the fallacy within modern climate science, to the educators; the 200,000 science teachers across America. They, the authors confront the lie in the following statement being told to all the public, including children in schools…

“Probably the most widely repeated claim in the debate over global warming is that 97% of scientists agree that climate change is man-made and dangerous, the authors write. This claim is not only false, but its presence in the debate is an insult to science.”

This is illogical, a despicable lie being purported as the truth. But is in fact a consensus driven supposition, mounted by the results primarily of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), and gaggle of fake fakers, liars and boondoggle champions like Al Gore and our book burners.

The IPCC is a UN (United Nations) institution driven by money, academic ego-centricity, economics, Marxist political idealism, faulty and slanted science supported by unreliable climate modelling. The UN has a deep and profound hatred of all human life, and has mandated this through the Agendas of the United Nations on sustainability. And to reduce human beings on planet earth. This is absurd when one is enlightened to the fact of how diverse and abundant this planet actually is…

To quote from the book in question, the authors note….

“With these words, the authors begin a detailed analysis of one of the most controversial topics of the day. The authors make a compelling case against claims of a scientific consensus. The purported proof of such a consensus consists of sloppy research by nonscientists, college students, and a highly partisan Australian blogger. Surveys of climate scientists, even those heavily biased in favor of climate alarmism, find extensive disagreement on the underlying science and doubts about its reliability.

The authors point to four reasons why scientists disagree about global warming: a conflict among scientists in different and often competing disciplines; fundamental scientific uncertainties concerning how the global climate responds to the human presence; failure of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to provide objective guidance to the complex science; and bias among researchers.

The authors offer a succinct summary of the real science of climate change based on their previously published comprehensive review of climate science in a volume titled Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science. They recommend that policymakers resist pressure from lobby groups to silence scientists who question the authority of the IPCC to claim to speak for climate science.”


Democrats Bobby Scott (D-Va), Raul M Grijalva (D-Ariz), and the representative Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas). Are by no other name than hate filled fascists, book burners who would have you and your children live in ignorance.

These Obamites have been stimulated into actually doing a days work, doing something for the cause to get at, or lie about, or frame, or fake anything and everything that will cause the down fall of President Donald Trump. They have been primed to counter the new Trump government’s refusal to waste any more money on the climate hoax. To back away from the UN Climate Initiative and cut that squandering of billions. An administration that can clearly see the boondoggle, and bloated climate agendas of petty bureaucrats and congressmen. With their neo-nazi style they are just more of same fake-fake that seems to be plaguing the New President’s movement forward.

Robert Cortez “Bobby” Scott, a tenured democratic congressman from Virgina, whose hopes were dashed for a lifetime Senate seat promised by the corrupt Hillary when Donald Trump won the election for POTUS, and took the chance away from him. I wonder if he keeps up to the name Cortez. Ranking member of the “Committee on Education and the Workforce”, vowing to keep those kiddies dumbed down, and dealing with his own lot of sour grapes…

Raul M Grijalva, congressional representative for Arizona; in office ten un-productive years. Raul is on the “Committee on Education and the Workforce”, another one who would have your children ignorant. He is a rank member of the “Committee on Natural Resources”. And a number of subcommittees of the above two committees.. Raul would have you lose your 2nd amendment rights. And has worked towards that end. And have immigrants flood across the borders. He is against immigration control. He sees Donald Trump as a racist. Raul a product of immigrants and sees all white men as racists really.

Personally Raul thinks all white cops are racially profiling minorities, and has tried to legislate against that…he personally wrote letters in a witch hunt to oust climate scientists from their positions simply because they disagreed with man-made global warming. He wished to take away their positions, their jobs. Does Raul have a bias and an agenda. I would say so. And now he likes to burn books.

And the best for last, Eddie Bernice Johnson. EBJ is the congresswoman from Texas.  “Being a woman and being black is perhaps a double handicap,” she told the Chicago Tribune. I guess she has an axe to grind.

Eddie a champion for victims in Texas. She is the ranking member on the “Committee on Science Space and Technology” and the further subcommittees of such. She is also on the “Subcommittee of  Research and Science Education”, which seems strange as science requires an open mind and an objectivity.

Speaking of Space, Eddie believes wholeheartedly in a publicly funded park on the Moon. Through a joint effort from NASA and the Dept of the Interior, Eddie would aim to mark the Apollo missions; she floored in the 113th congress (2013-2014) the “Apollo Lunar Land Legacy Act, H. R. 2617”. That would become a UNESCO World Heritage site. An maybe we could re-name it after Eddie once she gives up the ghost…hm. Wonder how much that would cost?…in order to equal the 1972 NASA budget, the last Apollo mission. We would have to give NASA something in the range of US $65 Billion a year instead of US $19.5 billion (2017). But we would have a really cool park. Take a number of flights to get all those park benches and fountains, and lawn and lighting up there, and cobblestone pathways.

The “Eddie Bernice Johnson Memorial Apollo Mission Park” a park on the moon, a park that nobody goes too… nobody’s on the lawn, under the big glass dome…shining in the sun like a jewel. Nobody sits on the benches…but…there’s no dogcrap in the park, and the tweakers can’t get there, and there isn’t garbage and graffiti everywhere.

EBJ was a super delegate for Obama, she is towing the Obama line only…

As she was on the Congressional Black Caucas Foundation (CBCF) She violated organizational rules by awarding scholarships to four of her family members and two more scholarships to family of top aides…. talk about nepotism. She also stipulated that the scholarship monies be sent directly to family members instead of the Universities which is the policy of the CBCF.

The CBCF usually works with the husbands and wives of African-American congressmen and women. Talk about a oversite in this instance.

But Eddie Bernice Johnson just another thoroughly corrupt politician, at the climate hoax boondoggle. The climate pig trough. And now she is a book burner, that wants to keep your children dumbed down.

All over a little book, that aims to level the playing field, allow a child a chance to understand there is an opposing view, an opposing argument to climate change.

Intolerant Democrats Ask Teachers To Destroy Books Written By ‘Climate Deniers’

The White House Press Club: St Patrick’s Day 2017


Snake Michael Burns

The scene is the White House Press room, shuffling feet, reporters looking for a place to sit; there is competition for the front row seats, the usual old hacks of mainstream television sit in the front row seats, reporters are standing in the wings watching for seated reporters to leave a vacant seat and them zoom in like a chicken hawk to the empty spot, a few squabbles and murmurs and the talking of the CNN Senior White House correspondent, microphone checks; fussing with hair; talking to others on the days issues.

A faded playboy news anchor, John Roberts (Fox News) adjusts his flourescent pink tie against his dark blue suit.

Pretentious looks and vogue smiles, are seen coming from the crowded Press room, like very old 50’s mannequins in modern clothes. Stately music plays in the background, appropriate for the White House Press room.

A sliding door near the podium and the president’s press secretary Sean Spicer enters the fray, and walks to podium adjusting the days notes onto it. There is momentary pause during shuffling and the room quiets. Sean Spicer looks up and states..

Sean Spicer: Good morning everyone, happy St Patrick’s day to y’all, this is going to be a wonderful day today. A positive day. Later on we are to have a nice St Patricks day breakfast, with three Irish Nuns from  St Patricks Catholic church here in Washington will be cooking green pancakes and green eggs and ham for breakfast, it will be served with green tea, and green orange juice. And everyone gets a shamrock lapel for good luck. Which I hear is difficult to make.

At noon there will be a short Catholic service honoring St Patrick for driving all the snakes out of Ireland and into this godam White House Press room. *Sean smiles and looks out to the audience* Did ya like that joke?

There will be a luncheon at noon; the lunch will be cooked by three recovering pedophile priests from the Catholic monastery of St Patrick’s on the Isle of Skye, so the public may be protected from their lust filled and vile wanderings, and as penance for their sins.

The lunch will be Ramspeckled trout, served with real Irish spuds, soda bread and a green Irish Guinness to wash it all down. *Rustling and escalating murmurs from the audience*…I see a lot of you are excited. Are you excited April? *Sean looks to April Ryan the bureau chief for the American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) Sitting in the second row*

April Ryan (AURN): *April starts shaking her head, first side to side then up and down)

Sean: Your shaking your head April? Are you happy…not happy? *Sean Spicer smiles and continues talking* You can stop shaking your head now April…April, stop….shaking.

This afternoon, we will have a leprechaun hunt with a real leprechaun. The president has gone all the way out this year. We sent representatives to Ireland to get a real leprechaun. it was difficult because there not many of them left, and they are extremely pricey. That hunt will be held on the White House back lawn. And whoever catches the little bastard get his pot of gold.. lauren begorry.

Now to get to serious business..The president has been meeting with world leaders and finally after thousands of years, and trillions of dollars, and countless lives lost, has hammered down a solution to world poverty. It a great solution and poverty all over the world will be solved. There will be no more poverty; everyone will benefit from this, everyone.

The president also has created a health care plan than solves the American peoples health problems and no one will ever be sick again. In essence this health care plan cures sickness. It’s a miracle!

Peace has been brought to the middle east, the war in Syria is over now, the middle east nations are going to give their oil for free, and we in turn are going to give it away for free. The budgets of the Military, CIA, FBI, NSA and all the other alphabet departments of government are being slashed and their mandate changed to suit the public need only; as the President has solved the problem of crime in America also…

President Trump had a meeting with all the Wall Street banks, led by Goldman Sachs and they have agree to print only free money; the Federal Reserve will comply with their demand; all the debt of America and its partners is nulled and voided…in fact we are resetting the whole thing, the economic machine..we will hit the reset button. America’s debt is zero. Isn’t that wonderful…April are you’re shaking your head…you agree April..oh well.

The president has also had meetings with all the world leaders and they have all agreed to dismantle their nuclear arsenals. From now on they will live in peace and administer only good will and happy feelings to the neighbours and the peoples of the world.

The president has increased the budget of NASA and they are in agreement that the priority for from now on, will be that NASA is to put humans on MARS and eventually another star system within the next year. This is exciting people. Very, very exciting.

The President has reached out to all women, and womens organizations in America, through the most note worthy organizations; he has apologized, and is taking ads out in all newspapers, at his own expense, and will make a vocal formal apology publicly this afternoon on television. A formal apology will be made to Rosie O’Donnell, personally, and he sent her 10,000 roses at his own expense as gesture of that sincere apology. He sent Bill Maher a truck load of Guinness stout and four kilos of the best Humboldt bud. The president in fact has legalized all drugs. There is no more war on drugs. To conclude that statement, there is no more war on anything.

He has asked Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to serve in his administration as advisers to the president in a new and unprecedented move to work to sustaining national peace, and happiness, and has asked the FBI to cease and desist any investigation they might have going into the Clinton Foundation. Or to the case of wiretapping by the administration of Barack Obama. Peace is seems will reign supreme within the political parties of America, finally.

The president has aims on creating a new system in America of job sharing without the losses to anyone, with the government subsidizing that plan to what ever end. And the minimum wage will be raised to US $30 per hr. Taxes are being slashed for the poor and all tuition fees in colleges and Universities will be free to eligible candidates.

And now, I will take a few questions…


Major Garret (CBS News): Yes Sean, I am wondering…can you tell me…is it..does…uh..are there..can you ah..can you ah..ah…is, is, is..ah…it’s just a simple question…do ah, is

Sean: Yes major we did, and completed it, and vetted it, and its solved shut da f…

*The room explodes with reporters snapping their arms up to be next to have a chance to ask a question. Sean scans the room and point to April Ryan (AURN)*

…yes, April! April your nodding your head…you haven’t ask a question yet…April stop nodding your head.

April (AURN): *April’s head is shaking like a African-American bobble headed doll, and gaining speed*

Sean: April!…April! April you shaking your head, stop shaking your head, you haven’t asked a question yet…stop shaking?

April: Yes Sean…good morning Sean. Can you tell me something yes…um. The President insulted Condoleezza Rice eight years ago, and she being one of the countries leading African-American women who are trying the break the African-American glass ceiling. And the president had lunch the other day and it was witnessed by another reporter that he passed three African-American women in a hall, and ah.. that…the was a paper was studied, I can’t disclose the source, but ah.. that was ah… and Ms Rice said also and he insulted her back then…the paper said he had Russian dressing on his ah..his ah *head shaking*, salad…at lunch.

Sean: No he didn’t have Russian dressing April…April you shaking your head again…April! April stop shaking your head, the president had french dressing on his salad. April..stop shaking…


John Roberts (Fox News): High Sean..

Sean: That a bright color of tie John, do have a switch for to turn it down, what kind of pink is that, is that electric pink John. You know it’s St Patrick’s day, right John. It’s green today…do you have any Irish in you John?

John : It not pink Sean it’s Vivascent Salmon..

Sean: Vivascent!…is that a real word John?

John: Yes, it’s ah…it means ah, influenced by perfume. My question Sean is..

Sean: Oh yes proceed, vivascent *snicker, cough* John..ask..PINK

John: It’s not pink Sean. How did Senator Nunes get into the White House Sean?

Sean: He came in through the front door..


Christine Ann “Chris” Kapostasy-Jansing (MSNBC): Hello Sean,

Sean: Chris..

Chris: Sheaaaaaaaaan, iss…*fixing her hair, vouging*…iss ah.ahem..

Sean: How come you still use your married name when your are divorced Chris?

Chris: What!…what Sean?

Sean: Your married name Chris…why use it?

Chris: Oooh…well..its easier to pronounce.

Sean: Than Apostasy… was that why the divorce Chris? Because of you lack of faith, abandonment of loyalty…

Chris: Ahem, talk to the hand Sean ..*raises her right hand as a gesture of stop, with her other hand on her hip*…My name is not Apostasy Sean, its Kapostasy.

Sean: Oh…*Sean point to man in the front row*….Jeff…yes Jeff Zeleny

Chris: But bu….

Jeff Zeleny (CNN Senior White House correspondent) : Good morning Sean… is Donald Trump a sore winner, because his accusation of millions of illegal votes during the election…

Sean: That’s President Trump to you, you little twit…is it true you guys over at CNN eat brains?

Jeff: Ah.. Sean…noooo..about the leprechaun hunt Sean. Is this…is this, legal, Sean is it legal, leprechaun hunting. Does this leprechaun speak, Russian.

Sean: No leprechauns are being hurt in this hunt Jeff, “hunt” as in “EASTER EGG HUNT” Jeff. Off course you being a cannibal, hunt must be a trigger word for you…is it.

Sean: April you’re shaking your head again..and finally…ahhh

Jeff:  *Jeff says quickly* I have a follow-up question Sean?

Sean: Really Jeff…your last name means green, right Jeff.

Jeff: Yes

Sean: Well here’s something green for ya, since ya didn’t get the leprechaun bit. President Trump solved Global warming…he solved climate change yesterday. There is no more, it’s, gone Jeff…


Jeff: Ah, but.

Jim Acosta (CNN): Yess Sean thank-you, happy green St Patrick’s day…um.. the Russian dressing affair, is the… has the waiter been investigated, it would seem he is a Russian spy, because he handled the Russian dressing… is this more proof that Donald Trump’s politics were compromised by Vladimir Putin. And will the White House be investigating the company that sold the Russian dressing to the restaurant. I have been informed, over twitter that the lunch the President was having was in the “Russian” Tea House, a cafe very close to the White House. Is this Russian speaking Leprechaun, been….

Sean: Shut da fuck up you cannibal…no he didn’t have Russian dressing he had French Dressing you twisted twit. Is this why you lost the senior White House correspondent position to that other twit Zeleny.

Jim: But I haven’t lost the senior…

Sean: Shut up, yes you have..*Looking out at the audience*…meeting is over. Have a good afternoon everyone.

I’m going to drink a lot of that green Guinness on the back lawn and see If I can hit that fucking Russian leprechaun with a sling shot.

Later bitches…