BOOK BURNING: And you thought that, was only done by Nazis, and Fascists…welcome to the new America.

20170117_154820It is for me, a truly sad affair to find in this new Internet world of open source information, or what would aspire to be open information. We would find the case of wanton censorship…on children, no less.  By representatives of the American government. Representatives of congress.

Democratic representatives: Bobby Scott, of the “Committee on Education”; Raul M Grijalva, of the “Committee on Natural Resources”; Eddie Bernice Johnson, “Commitee on Science, Space and Technology”, seek to ban a book and DVD.

This book banning and destruction serves two purposes; one to further a climate agenda that is corrupt, and two, to attack Donald Trump and his sensible views on climate hoax.

The debate is over, there is no more discussion. we have the facts, and the facts do not lie, and we as your protectors and committee heads of committees to stop anybody from thinking on their own, have decided through our committees and sub committees to not allow a little book and a DVD to inform your children. We thought about this and committed, and subcommitteed, and waste fucking tax payers money, and have come to a conclusion. The Book is bad.

These three “Book burners”; Scott, Grijalva and Johnson, I don’t know what other name to call them; these intolerant Democratic representatives ask teachers to destroy outright the books written by ‘Climate Deniers’. “Ya know..those evil people who want you to believe the discussion is not finished yet, the science isn’t completely in…there is much more to consider and that, ‘climate change’, although it is happening; more than likely will always happen. And from the facts has always happened in the past and distant past to a greater extent, but that’s irrelevant. And climate change is not primarily being caused by human beings, going about the business of their lives.

The consensus that CO2 (Plant food) is the driver of that climate change needs to be addressed immediately. And put down for what it is; a scam to get more money out of your pocket. This purported fact that CO2 is a green house gas driving global warming is a lie. The science shows clearly that CO2 rise, lags temperature rise. And that, temperature is rising, when in fact is dropping. Last year 2016, temperature dropped a full degree celsius.

When the real truth is that we live in the atmosphere of the sun, the driver of all life on planet earth.

That we are in an interglacial period of climate warming and that is a natural and cyclical climate event.

That there is actually a carbon deficit in the atmosphere, and we could easily thrive to greater sense in an atmosphere rich in 800-1000 PPMv of carbon dioxide.

The nasty, evil, terribly mind altering little book, “Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming” Paperback – November 30, 2015, and a DVD……is being sent to 200,000 school teachers across America. The sponsorship for the book and DVD is the Heartland Institute.

The heartland Institute’s aim is the other side of the argument, which seems fair; since social engineering is arranging consensus, and a slanted bias view in science matters like climate change. With Al Gore, and Lenny DiCaprio, and Bill Nye and the rest of that ship of fools.

Science is becoming a type of fascism, with a religious zealotry towards climate science as a closed and finished issue. The models are telling us the truth. Never mind that the software is glitchy and buggy as your laptop…no more discussion.

The book in question confronts the fallacy within modern climate science, to the educators; the 200,000 science teachers across America. They, the authors confront the lie in the following statement being told to all the public, including children in schools…

“Probably the most widely repeated claim in the debate over global warming is that 97% of scientists agree that climate change is man-made and dangerous, the authors write. This claim is not only false, but its presence in the debate is an insult to science.”

This is illogical, a despicable lie being purported as the truth. But is in fact a consensus driven supposition, mounted by the results primarily of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), and gaggle of fake fakers, liars and boondoggle champions like Al Gore and our book burners.

The IPCC is a UN (United Nations) institution driven by money, academic ego-centricity, economics, Marxist political idealism, faulty and slanted science supported by unreliable climate modelling. The UN has a deep and profound hatred of all human life, and has mandated this through the Agendas of the United Nations on sustainability. And to reduce human beings on planet earth. This is absurd when one is enlightened to the fact of how diverse and abundant this planet actually is…

To quote from the book in question, the authors note….

“With these words, the authors begin a detailed analysis of one of the most controversial topics of the day. The authors make a compelling case against claims of a scientific consensus. The purported proof of such a consensus consists of sloppy research by nonscientists, college students, and a highly partisan Australian blogger. Surveys of climate scientists, even those heavily biased in favor of climate alarmism, find extensive disagreement on the underlying science and doubts about its reliability.

The authors point to four reasons why scientists disagree about global warming: a conflict among scientists in different and often competing disciplines; fundamental scientific uncertainties concerning how the global climate responds to the human presence; failure of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to provide objective guidance to the complex science; and bias among researchers.

The authors offer a succinct summary of the real science of climate change based on their previously published comprehensive review of climate science in a volume titled Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science. They recommend that policymakers resist pressure from lobby groups to silence scientists who question the authority of the IPCC to claim to speak for climate science.”


Democrats Bobby Scott (D-Va), Raul M Grijalva (D-Ariz), and the representative Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas). Are by no other name than hate filled fascists, book burners who would have you and your children live in ignorance.

These Obamites have been stimulated into actually doing a days work, doing something for the cause to get at, or lie about, or frame, or fake anything and everything that will cause the down fall of President Donald Trump. They have been primed to counter the new Trump government’s refusal to waste any more money on the climate hoax. To back away from the UN Climate Initiative and cut that squandering of billions. An administration that can clearly see the boondoggle, and bloated climate agendas of petty bureaucrats and congressmen. With their neo-nazi style they are just more of same fake-fake that seems to be plaguing the New President’s movement forward.

Robert Cortez “Bobby” Scott, a tenured democratic congressman from Virgina, whose hopes were dashed for a lifetime Senate seat promised by the corrupt Hillary when Donald Trump won the election for POTUS, and took the chance away from him. I wonder if he keeps up to the name Cortez. Ranking member of the “Committee on Education and the Workforce”, vowing to keep those kiddies dumbed down, and dealing with his own lot of sour grapes…

Raul M Grijalva, congressional representative for Arizona; in office ten un-productive years. Raul is on the “Committee on Education and the Workforce”, another one who would have your children ignorant. He is a rank member of the “Committee on Natural Resources”. And a number of subcommittees of the above two committees.. Raul would have you lose your 2nd amendment rights. And has worked towards that end. And have immigrants flood across the borders. He is against immigration control. He sees Donald Trump as a racist. Raul a product of immigrants and sees all white men as racists really.

Personally Raul thinks all white cops are racially profiling minorities, and has tried to legislate against that…he personally wrote letters in a witch hunt to oust climate scientists from their positions simply because they disagreed with man-made global warming. He wished to take away their positions, their jobs. Does Raul have a bias and an agenda. I would say so. And now he likes to burn books.

And the best for last, Eddie Bernice Johnson. EBJ is the congresswoman from Texas.  “Being a woman and being black is perhaps a double handicap,” she told the Chicago Tribune. I guess she has an axe to grind.

Eddie a champion for victims in Texas. She is the ranking member on the “Committee on Science Space and Technology” and the further subcommittees of such. She is also on the “Subcommittee of  Research and Science Education”, which seems strange as science requires an open mind and an objectivity.

Speaking of Space, Eddie believes wholeheartedly in a publicly funded park on the Moon. Through a joint effort from NASA and the Dept of the Interior, Eddie would aim to mark the Apollo missions; she floored in the 113th congress (2013-2014) the “Apollo Lunar Land Legacy Act, H. R. 2617”. That would become a UNESCO World Heritage site. An maybe we could re-name it after Eddie once she gives up the ghost…hm. Wonder how much that would cost?…in order to equal the 1972 NASA budget, the last Apollo mission. We would have to give NASA something in the range of US $65 Billion a year instead of US $19.5 billion (2017). But we would have a really cool park. Take a number of flights to get all those park benches and fountains, and lawn and lighting up there, and cobblestone pathways.

The “Eddie Bernice Johnson Memorial Apollo Mission Park” a park on the moon, a park that nobody goes too… nobody’s on the lawn, under the big glass dome…shining in the sun like a jewel. Nobody sits on the benches…but…there’s no dogcrap in the park, and the tweakers can’t get there, and there isn’t garbage and graffiti everywhere.

EBJ was a super delegate for Obama, she is towing the Obama line only…

As she was on the Congressional Black Caucas Foundation (CBCF) She violated organizational rules by awarding scholarships to four of her family members and two more scholarships to family of top aides…. talk about nepotism. She also stipulated that the scholarship monies be sent directly to family members instead of the Universities which is the policy of the CBCF.

The CBCF usually works with the husbands and wives of African-American congressmen and women. Talk about a oversite in this instance.

But Eddie Bernice Johnson just another thoroughly corrupt politician, at the climate hoax boondoggle. The climate pig trough. And now she is a book burner, that wants to keep your children dumbed down.

All over a little book, that aims to level the playing field, allow a child a chance to understand there is an opposing view, an opposing argument to climate change.

Intolerant Democrats Ask Teachers To Destroy Books Written By ‘Climate Deniers’


20160902_165309Sometimes truth is unavoidable, sometimes it can pop up in front of you and you cannot get away from it. You did’t ask for it, you were not even looking…but now here it is. There is no avoidance.

People can be affected by the parasite and it is going to take advantage of the situation and get what it needs; the house is full of bad energy, and now I sit with one of the worst in negativity.

I am being preyed on, attacked, a psychic attack. But I am strong to it. This has been my life, my whole life on this strange planet. I am pushed till anger and then they act surprised when I defend myself. I am beginning to feel isolated, cut of and surrounded by the gaslighters. It can be difficult but I have no fear, of any of this …I am getting so tire of the gossip, the cliquey ways of humans, even the closest to you will turn on you and you will get lost in it, lost in their dysfunction. The dysfunction of the parasite. If one contemplates it carefully, you can watch the watchers.

One world is ending, it seems, and another is floating along right beside it , like two barges on river, and a small step, or maybe, a giant leap of faith, and you are now on the better of the two of the millions of versions of this…Madness is the way or conformity to collective. I have noticed that most are against everything that your are, to awaken to this is to wake to the ridiculous. The absurdity of this three-dimensional life. Some of us and there are very few of us, know that the world is being conquered on my many different levels. The future cannot be stopped; they can close you down to it, try to close you off from it; that open unexplored and filled with vast new and unrealized possibility. For all incentive purposes we are finished as a species, we will move along an evolutionary path towards global domination and the eventual jackboot on the throat forever. In this..and these present conditions. Unless everyone revolts, not against a system or a government, but against ones own self. No one is going to come along and do it for you. They can’t be beat, unless you conquer yourself first. You are what they are fighting for, and what they are fighting about. Don’t buy into any of it, unless your right in the middle of it and it is your deal. If I made a choice to come here and help in some way, I have failed I think, if I can’t get you to realize that; the illusion of your powerlessness is all you fight.

20150403_190347I had a dream inside a dreamscape that has become very familiar to me, more so than any other dreamscape, far too real, and a strange animal took shape in it.  The dreamscape is mine and I have been creating it for decades, and while in it, when I looked I saw a dried sunflower, in front of a dream house that I have live in a long time, and the sunflower, after a long winter in the snow.

I have a fondness for that image, I’ve painted it many times. It talks to me of both the death and rebirth within the same symbol. The emotion and the power of the symbol is my own, I created it. Or possessed it the first time I saw it. The dried past and the many seeds of the heavy head of the future.

In my dream the Sunflower; as I say after a long winter, dried and brown, and waiting. Bent head towards the ground heavy with seeds. And around it was coiled this strange animal, coiled around a garden plant. I saw it and thought is very strange indeed, it was an octopus, a land octopus, disguised and camouflaged like the Sienna brown and orcher and black dried flower. It was trying to hide; and it screamed a bit when I approached it, I moved towards it to pick it up in the dream, and it screams and coils tighter to the dried sunflower. But I eventually did pick it up. Pryed it loose from the sunflower. placing my hand around Its neck and  bulbous round and large head. It felt bony in there, beneath the surface, like a vertebrae, like it had a spine, and a soft feel, inviting and very sensuous. It felts wonderful, it had an unususal mink like soft fur. It screamed at first, when I pull it of the plant. And then it relaxed and made some interesting sounds. Sounds I have not heard before, they could have been cries for help or excitment that I was touching it, but what I understood was they were inviting sounds.  I can only describe the whole thing as an octopus with very soft downy fur, soft golden tan and blonde colored fur.

I recognize a ceiling on these worlds. And not in the sense of a visual thing, but it is obvious and I am sure I can almost reach up and touch it. They seem like they are limited places, but this creature…I think it found a way in, and in doing so, it also gave something up to me, without knowing. Without realizing it, knowledge of how the parasite works, it get in through dreams, and we unsuspecting pick them up, or don’t even notice that they are not part of the dream, but are invaders into the dream. Which in a sense ‘is’acceptance. But it doesn’t realize what it excepted in return.