The strange and not so strange,and varied past times of American Ex-Presidents.

Obama and significant other, Michelle. Like writing…they got a $60 million joint package to publish. Besides a new book from each… Obama has game, he likes Basketball, but also plays golf.

George Bush 43, likes to paint. The painter “Portraits of Courage”….I hear it is in an audible version

The book on AMAZON IS A NUMBER #1…..

….who knew, down deep in that confabulation was a Michelangelo?

George Bush 41, likes fishing and is a co-founder of a fishing tournament. Bush co-founded the annual fishing tournament in Islamorada, an island in the Florida Keys, which was held annually for 10 years.

Bill Clinton; his hobby is crossword puzzles, but it seems he likes fencing with…Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Eileen Wellstone, Carolyn Moffet,  Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Becky Brown, Helen Dowdy, Cristy Zercher….Dolly Kyle

One of the women Trump could potentially mention is Dolly Kyle, who alleges that she had an affair with Bill Clinton for nearly 20 years. Clinton is studious, and he has long hobby’s.

Gennifer Flowers he hobbied with for a 12 year affair…that was a shorter hobby.

Then off course there is the most publicized case of Slick Willy’s hobbying with Monica Lewinsky. That was a orally fixated hobby.

Kathy Shelton?…Hillary defense of her rapist at the young age of !2 and how HRC put her through hell in her examination. ….

Ronald Reagan, his hobbies were horseback riding, acting, rugby, and swimming.

Carter was fly fisherman.

Nixon liked to bowl.

Lyndon Baines Johnson: 36th president, Tenure: 1963-1969…Hobby: driving drunk on his ranch…he collected vehicles. He had an amphicar. Which he would drive in a lake on his property.

Calvin Coolidge:  30th president, 1923-1929…His hobby, he liked napping. Calvin liked snoozin…

Theodore Roosevelt:  26th president, 1901-1909. Teddy liked to exercise, and hunt. It seems Teddy went on a one year safari, he killed and caught 11,000 animals. That’s a lot of bullets.

Andrew Jackson: Seventh President, 1829-1837. Andrew hobby is a little disturbing, he liked carousing.

John Quincy Adams: Sixth president, Tenure: 1825-1829. John’s hobby, swimming (in the nude). John liked his freedom.

Thomas Jefferson: Third president, Tenure: 1801-1809. Thomas was a very smart man who like architecture. His hobby kept him busy in his free time.

George Washington: First president,  1789-1797. George’s hobby was farming. Some people call that a lot of work.

John Adams: Second president, Tenure: 1797-1801. John Adams like to debate and discuss political philosophy.

Roosevelt liked stamps…Truman the piano…Kenndy loved sailing…

Donald Trump, hobby is golf. He likes it so much, he builds golf courses. Of course he found a new hobby, firing cruise missiles, lots of them.