SYRIA: Trump now has Paul Wolfowitz as a supporter…


Little by little the Syrian narrative is solidifying. It’s not so ambiguous; it’s not so much of a lie..the story writers, the narrators are gaining ground. Pretty soon they will have me believing the MSM version of events of the April 4th chemical gassing of civilians in Khan Sheikhun in Idlib province of Syria.

PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) President, Pedro Agramunt has got himself in some deep dod-doo. He made the mistake of visiting Syria to see for himself the state of affairs; and also a visit to St Petersburg. And that is a no-no, when you don’t tow the party line. Cries for his impeachment are heard, While Pedro, mea culpas his mistake as being mislead by the Russian media. He is sorry.

The narrative is Bashar al-Assad gassed his people; on the verge of a peace. That it…we know, and don’t have top tell you why we know. Assad having the upper hand on the battle against ISIS, Al Qaeda and various other head chopping groups, and near to the defeating of these terrorist organizations. A chemical gas attack happens in Khan Sheikhun, a rebel held area of Idlib province and the only information we get from the region is from the terrorists, Al Qaeda and their oscar winning White Helmets, the first responders; who are super-heroes impervious to [Sarin] gas, and can work with the victims in their street clothes and bare hands. Could this be proof that it was not a Sarin gas attack. Because the UN fact finding mission wears HazMat suits while taking their samples.

Do people realize the White Helmets got a prize for acting, an oscar for a fake documentary, and now we are to believe what they are saying has happened in Khan Sheikhun, to be the truth. This organization has daily YouTube videos going out over the Internet. Child snuff films, that are purported as victims of attacks. In fact that is why they are being financed by the United States and the UK governments who have financed this effort jointly with other nations to the tune of 110 million plus U.S. green backs.

Why has the allied countries continually blocked a OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) investigation into the town of Khan Sheikhun, and the Syrian airbase at Shayrat. and the only ones calling for a complete and swift investigation are the Russians and Syria.

Is this a false flag, is this a precurser to build up to an outright invasion of Syria; which is soon to come.

Paul Wolfowitz has declared his support of the manchurian Donald Trump; and I say manchurian because, this president is not the president that took office Jan 20th 2017. Granted he has changed some things, on climate waste, the TPP Act, immigration reform, vetting of refugees, but it seems he has abandoned his campaign promises now for his new found friends within government.

In a politico article, Paul Wolfowitz; 10th World Bank President, and United States Deputy Secretary of Defense states that Syria represents an “opportunity”, and if blown, a missed chance that equal a “lost of American influence”, and the win over “hostile actors”. Hostile actors is not definitive, is he talking about the terrorists, ISIS or Bashar al-Assad and his democratically elected government.

Wolfowitz has changed his position on Donald Trump, having called a Trump Presidency as…“Obama on steroids”.  Wolfowitz opposed Trump’s ‘America First” rhetoric, Trumps rejection of the Iraq war and his then praise of Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Wolfowitz should know about opportunities, after all Paul Wolfowitz, the architect of the Iraq invasion, the fourth horseman of the destruction of a nation and the thief of its oil, gas and resources, and the annihilation of a million Iraqis. The author of expansionism of the American hegemony, is giving our Donald the nod. Whispering in his ear. Is Wolfowitz hinting about another chance at invading a sovereign nation and stealing its oil, gas and resources. And in the end furthering the NeoCon wet-dream of globalism.

Wolfowitz the ardent NeoCon, ex-World Bank President, a hawk, a hardliner against Russia. Wolfowitz who is pro Saudi Arabia..

Is a new/old Wolfowitz Doctrine being expressed through the “New President” Donald Trump.

Wolfowitz likes opportunity and look for it like a predator. In the run up to the Iraq invasion he stated..

“9/11 really was a wake up call and that if we take proper advantage of this opportunity to prevent the future terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction that it will have been an extremely valuable wake up call,”

…and as we know there were no “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, none at all, and Iraq lies in ruins, with its population desperate, dying and amidst a ruin country that has been in war since that time…the leading military men of Sadam Hussein’s army became the heads and founders of ISIS. And were funded by the American government.

In regards to Syria, Wolfowitz states..

“If nothing is done to follow up on it, it will start to seem a little bit silly in retrospect; certainly the enthusiasm will seem silly. But more importantly it will look like a lost opportunity in retrospect.” – Susan Glasser, Politico

“I think there is a fantastic opportunity here. It’s only a first step, it’s only an opportunity,” -Susan Glasser,  Politico

“In recent days he‘s jumped right back into the public debate, nudging President Trump from the pages of the Wall Street Journal to follow up his bombing strike in neighboring Syria with more aggressive action—and, he tells me, privately emailing with Trump Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and national security advisor H.R. McMaster, both longtime contacts since his Bush days, in hopes they will pursue a U.S. strategy of stepped-up engagement in the Middle East.” – Susan Glasser, Politico

Wolfowitz is certainly looking for opportunities again, and clearly sees Syria as another chance to kill a country. Paul Wolfowitz is for American hegemony.

I understood that Trumps stand on Syria and Assad was to let the Syrian people decide about Assad, and then the airstrike on the Shayrat airbase without provoc20151006_134606ation and no proof of a chemical attack by the Assad government. Is it Rex Tillerson, General McMaster and General Mattis, and a whispering Wolfowitz, that are making the decisions on Syria. Spurred on by the war hawks.

Donald Trump has become a NeoCon, pro military, in a time of peace in America, with a faltering economy and never so many out of work in America and he is promising to rebuild the military, as if it is not big enough already. “ISIS has grown like a cancer..” he states but yet does nothing to prosecute the Americans that are funding it and Al Qaeda, nothing to stop the American NGO’s that are driving the war propaganda against Bashar al-Assad.

Every NeoCon that opposed Trump, is now standing with him, everybody is friends now, John McCain, Mitch McConnell and Senator Lindsey Graham who is ecstatic, he states, “I am like the happiest dude in America right now,” 

And why?…because its War, War War… And war is money in America. The economy of America was never so great as during the destruction of Iraq. And it’s the easy way to increase jobs, don’t ya know.

In the end, there is no health care bill; No wall; No Hillary Clinton in jail for her crimes; No foreign policy of non interference in the affairs of sovereign nations, as stated by Donald Trump in his election promise. No draining the swamp. No stopping the unfair and unjust sanctions on Russia because of the Crimea which is it’s property. But to add more to the people of Syria who are suffering through this war and anguish, more sanctions, more frozen assets. More taken away. More of the same old American bullshit.

Trump is a failure, he has become more of the same.