TRUMP, the “New War President”… more of the same.

Donald Trump is in a move to save his political career. The insane left is coming far to close; steadily moving forward, their protests and paid lamentations, their cries of “He is not our president.”, “he’s a pussy-grabber”, and even a Russian spy. The call for his possible impeachment was getting louder. Investigations into his character and finances and private life. He even uses Russian dressing on his salad. His connect to Putin, and a repeated lie that the American election was interfered with by a Russia intent on stopping a Hillary Clinton, who called Putin, “a new Hitler”. So much talk, and comparison to Hitler lately. The Russians were intent on putting a weaker, more amiable candidate into power. But yet not one of MSM “Free Press”, dared write the story of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Frank Giustra and the Clinton Foundation selling 20% of U. S. uranium to the Russians through Uranium One and the Russian State Corporation Rosatom. To take that story and pound it day in and day out. With President Donald Trump fulfilling his promise to put Hillary Clinton in jail.

But we are not looking at truth, we are looking at our own fixations, are we not? The latest nonsense about Donald Trump’s tax returns. But no legitimate protest against an illegal, and criminal act of war that he authorized and gave the go-ahead, with his recent missile air strike on the Shayrat Airbase, Shayrat, Syria. AND NO PROOF!

America has a new president now…a brand spankin new war President, not the same president that was voted in on Nov 8th/2016; not that swamp-draining president. Not the president that took the oval office at the White House on Jan 20/2017. No, I am talking about this “new guy”, this recent warmongerer, this commander and chief Donald Trump. This Manchurian candidate. This CEO who takes bombing advise from his daughter Ivanka.

Trump has fallen, he is inline with past war-mongering presidents of the United States. He has compromised his ethics totally, he has buckled in and become something far removed to the Donald Trump who spoke about the NeoCon Lindsey Graham that wanted to bomb this and bomb that. Who was outspoken about America policing the world. He is so far removed from the guy who said, he could get along with Putin, and Assad should be Syria’s concern, that Putin and Assad were fighting the bad guys, the terrorists…you remember those guys.,  The Muslim fanatical, misogynist head-choppers, who are an enemy to the whole world.

Ronald Reagan had his war in Grenada and then bombed Libya, his support and financing of the mujahideen, which became the Taliban and finally Al-Qaeda; Bill Clinton in Afghanistan, Sudan, and again in Yugoslavia; Bush “41” in the Gulf war; Bush “43” and the Invasion of Afghanistan, and the Iraq Invasion over WMD; which did not exist; which were never ever found. Barack Obama and the blatant and systematic destruction of Libya, which turned it in a hell hole of human slavery, and human trafficking. Black slaves now sold openly; as I write this, in the street, for as little as $500. Libya open to migration of humans fleeing oppression and poverty from the south, and the refugees from Libya, Syria, Sudan and Yemen. Obama in Syria, supporting ISIS, the White Helmets; who are frauds and liars, and fake YouTube videographers, and other terrorists who were the destruction of Libya and the assassinating of Gaddafi. Obama’s authorized drones strikes in Yemen and Pakistan on a daily basis, that kill women and children as they bury their dead. And the splitting of the Sudan in two, forever warring halves.

Eighty-five days into his presidency, and Donald Trump has fallen inline. And become “The president now”,  and sent 59 screaming cruise missiles to a Syrian air base, a unprovoked attack, grounded by allegations, but no proof, no evidence to provide for the alleged chemical attack by Bashar al-Assad’s government.

And Russia pleads for peace and physical evidence to support the accusation of Assad as the perpetrator of that chemical, gas assault on his own people. And the west can say is Putin is on the wrong side, and he is our enemy.

There are no presidents of the United States; the last one was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963, in Dealey plaza, by the CIA and factions of the deep state. There are only CEO’s of the military Industrial Complex which have taken over the White House and the Intelligence services of the United States of America. The war machine which keeps an economy nurtured on war.  Endless wars, selling expensive arms to both sides, fueling and arming insane men who bludgeon the weak, and destroy peace and life. And make Wall St, movers and shakers richer. The spin-offs from that, that trickle downed affect, and war inspired confidence in that economy.

The airstrike caused the upsurge of oil price, increased trading on the stock market…Weapons manufacturers, like Raytheon experienced an immediate jump in their stock price.

Trump gave the go for the missile strike on Syria, as a show to the Chinese, who are against interference in Syria. But of course, China is not liked by Donald Trump. They are his personal enemy. They (the Chinese) made their first visit to America to visit this presidency, and the air strike was unleashed during that visit as a show that Trump will not to tolerate China, and the South China sea and North Korea and the Kim Jong-il missile launch during the American/South Korean military manuevers. And recent missile tests, which are bound to continue. But still the yearly joint South Korean/American military exercise are at the front door of North Korea; jab the barking dog with a stick; continued yearly and are never looked at as the hypocrisy that it is…

“We’ll be conducting more missile tests on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis,” said Vice-Foreign Minister Han Song-ryol.”

The fear of World Nuclear War has never been closer that at this present moment in time. The world perched on very fragile ground; the purposeful and systematic isolationism of Russia, and think-tanks like the Brooking Institute thinking and preaching Anti-Putin rhetoric. NeoCons that can only call for “War, War War.”

Vladimir Putin the killer of the “New World Order” as proselytized by Strobe Talbott, friend and classmate and Rhodes scholar in the administration, of Bill Clinton. Strobe’s speech at Occidental College spoke badly of Putin. Fanned the flames of the new cold war.

“Rhodes Scholar and President of the Brookings Institution Strobe Talbott entitled “Vladimir Putin vs. the 21st Century”.”

This is a dangerous game be played by idiots, now with Trump. The escalation in Syria, just as the moment of peace was arriving. The constant provocation of the North Koreans. This will end miserably.

It would not surprise me in the least to see a full-out invasion of Syria, as Bush did in Iraq. Probably using the same script, as the public’s mind is gone, and short-term memory is shot to hell. And look how much the Iraq invasion fueled and helped the economy; jobs and wealth, extravagance, and gluttony.

Now that Assad was so close to peace, and driving the Jihadists out from Syria, on the verge of ending the war. The likelihood of 30-50,000 troops in Syria by the end of 2017 is not far-fetched in its prediction. War is good for, very good for business.

In a document released by the White House, it is explained why Donald Trump launched an illegal and uncalled for release of 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles on Syria.

It bears no proof of the chemical attack by Assad. And the White House claims to know better, to have confidence in their decision that Assad is a criminal, based on secrets not to be disclosed. Secret, secrets.We know that we know, and we know because, we know that is what we know.

Discussion over.